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  • Craft Beer Initiative – Pros and Cons

    If you’ll recall in the prologue of the “Craft Beer Initiative” I told you about my personal resolution to exclusively, or just about, drink craft beer.  For the 2nd installment of this series I decided to compile with what I feel is a fairly comprehensive listing of the pros and cons to making the switch… Read more »

  • Video: TheBEERSgoneBAD Review Tailgate Beer

    Many of you know Tailgate Beer by now. Others are still discovering it. I recently came across this video review of two guys who blog about beer and review them. Their blog,, has a lot of other beer reviews on there but I was particularly interested in their review of Tailgate Beer’s Blacktop Blonde…. Read more »

  • Tailgate Beer In Cans Have Arrived

    We have been a big fan of San Diego based craft brewery TailGate Beer for a while now. Not only because they put out great craft beer but they also fully embrace the tailgate party lifestyle. They understand tailgating and the integral role good beer plays. The brand name “Tailgate Beer” wasn’t arrived upon by… Read more »

  • Tailgate Beer In Cans

    Over a year ago our designated beer review, Mike “the Beer Guy”, did a review on Jay’s Blacktop Blonde. That particular beer was the latest brew to come out of San Diego based craft brewery TailGate Beer. Blacktop Blonde received a good review from us here at but as with most craft brews, they… Read more »