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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #130 – Kayla Fitzgerald Edition

Posted by Dave On October - 30 - 2013

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox. 2013 World Series Champions. To honor the official close of the 2013 Major League Baseball season we thought it would be an appropriate homage to the BoSox by featuring swimsuit model Kayla Fitzgerald. Congratulations again to Boston and the links follow the eye candy…

Kayla Fitzgerald

Kayla Fitzgerald courtesy of Athlon Sports

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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #129 – Sandra Kubicka Edition

Posted by Dave On October - 9 - 2013

If you are an NFL tailgater or just a fan that watches on TV, you probably noticed the color pink on the players uniforms this past week. Even the referees had turned in their traditional yellow penalty flags for pink flags this past weekend. (Although the pink penalty flags are only a one week thing because the flags and pink towels that fell off of players were too confusing.) The reason for all this pink is because October is breast cancer awareness month. And because we want to get in on the act, we thought what better way to raise awareness (and a few other things while we are at it…) than to choose Polish model Sandra Kubicka decked out in pink NFL gear as our eye candy. You’re welcome and links follow the eye candy…

Sandra Kubicka

Sandra Kubicka

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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #128: Leanna Decker Edition

Posted by Dave On September - 25 - 2013

Three weeks of NFL football is already in the books and hopefully all of you tailgaters have been making up for the lost time during the summer when you weren’t tailgating. In this week’s edition of the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper we wanted to feature Leanna Decker. Leanna Decker is a bikini and lingerie model and also is Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Year 2012. She posed for a number of photos wearing NFL gear but the reason why we chose this particular one was to give a shout out to our two writers who are Philly tailgaters. Hats off to you Rob and Chris and all the other great staff writers we have here at TailgatingIdeas.com. Links follow the eye candy…

Leanna Decker Eagles Shirt

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Chargers vs Texans Monday Night Football photo

Posted by Dave On September - 10 - 2013

If you are not following @TailgatingIdeas on Instagram or on Twitter, here is what you may have missed.

Jeremy With Chargers tailgating girls

This photo was taken yesterday while out tailgating prior to the Chargers/Texans Monday Night Football game. The guy in the hat is Jeremy McGhee. We met Jeremy in 2010 and he has been tailgating next to our normal spot ever since. Jeremy has lost the use of his legs after being hit by a car while riding his motorcycle years ago. Despite being in a wheelchair Jeremy is quite the inspiration to anyone he comes in contact. Jeremy is an extreme sports athlete, speaker and author and has accomplished more things without the use of his legs than most able bodied people have accomplished in their lifetime.

To learn more about Jeremy and what he does and to understand his story, visit: jeremymcghee.com

Weekend Wrap-Up #141: Michelle McLaughlin Edition

Posted by Dave On September - 7 - 2013

Despite the NFL tailgaters in the group salivating at the thought of tailgating this week “for real”, college football tailgaters have been feasting on two weekends of tailgating already. In honor of that we offer you the stunning visuals of Michelle McLaughlin sporting a very collegiate look. Football is back and let the hardcore tailgating begin. Follow us on Instagram and be ready for some fun photos from the upcoming Monday Night Football game when the San Diego Chargers host the Houston Texans. Links follow the eye candy.

Michelle McLaughlin courtesy of Playboy for iPhone

Michelle McLaughlin

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