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Spring has sprung and it looks like mother nature is gradually coming out of winter kicking and screaming. And with Spring upon us that means two things. Baseball tailgating and country music festival tailgating. Two of the biggest country music festivals happen out here in the Southwest. Stagecoach in California and Country Thunder in Arizona bring out the biggest crowds and some of the wildest tailgating. To honor that tailgating tradition we thought it appropriate to pay homage to the country music festival by checking in with our friends over at Tempe 12. This week’s edition of the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper features Isabella Hartman who is not from Arizona but rather from the San Francisco bay area but is a country girl at heart. Links follow the eye candy.

Isabella Hartman

Isabella Hartman appears courtesy of Tempe12.com

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Weekend Wrap-Up #143: Kelly Karloff Edition

Posted by Dave On February - 2 - 2014

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Many people consider this a great day but we as tailgaters embrace this day with a bittersweet one-armed man hug.

Although it does involve a violent land acquisition sport and copious amount of snacking, Super Bowl marks the end of tailgating as we know it. Football tailgating that is. But grieve not our fellow tailgaters. College Baseball season is just two short weeks away. The season starts on February 14th, Valentine’s Day. And what could be more romantic than taking your sweetheart to an open parking lot and sharing a romantic meal of charred animal flesh before a baseball game? If that is not your partner’s idea of a romantic Valentine’s Day, you may want to start to look for a new mate.

Speaking of a new mate, in honor of Super Bowl today, we have chosen to feature Kelly Karloff in Super Bowl gear courtesy of The Roosevelts. There are other photo galleries of her in both Seahawk and Bronco gear if you want to see more. After the Super Bowl eye candy, links follow:

Kelly Karloff

Kelly Karloff appears courtesy of The Roosevelts

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Weekend Wrap-Up #142: Barbara Palvin Edition

Posted by Dave On December - 15 - 2013

According to the Christmas Clock, you only have nine days, give or take whatever time zone you are in, before Christmas. If the bell ringers and the holiday decorations weren’t a constant reminder, maybe this photo of Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin will remind you. Barbara Palvin is Hungarian fashion model and actress and this shot was taken at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. If you are behind on your holiday shopping, have no fear. In case you missed it, we published our 4th annual Holiday Gift Guide for Tailgaters – 2013 Edition on Wednesday. If you already got the big gifts out of the way, stay tuned because we will be putting out our Stocking Stuffer Guide tomorrow morning. Links follow the eye candy.

Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #131 – Ashley Flores Edition

Posted by Dave On November - 20 - 2013

It’s been a while since we checked in with our friends over at Tempe 12. This week’s edition of the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper features Ashley Flores who is not from Arizona but rather from Maryland. With the temperatures getting colder in other places around the country, hopefully this gal will bring a little heat to wherever you are. Links follow the eye candy.

Ashley Flores

Ashley Fores appears courtesy of Tempe12.com

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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #130 – Kayla Fitzgerald Edition

Posted by Dave On October - 30 - 2013

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox. 2013 World Series Champions. To honor the official close of the 2013 Major League Baseball season we thought it would be an appropriate homage to the BoSox by featuring swimsuit model Kayla Fitzgerald. Congratulations again to Boston and the links follow the eye candy…

Kayla Fitzgerald

Kayla Fitzgerald courtesy of Athlon Sports

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