Cap-Trap: The Eco-Friendly Bottle Opener

beltclip.jpgEver since I did a posting about hybrid SUVs for tailgating and tips on going green while tailgating in an upcoming post, I have been seeing a lot more eco-friendly tailgating supplies. The most recent “green” tailgating supply that helps the environment are ReRack Cups made for beer pong. Now comes an environmentally friendly bottle opener called the Cap-Trap.

Simply stated, the Cap-Trap is a bottle opener that stores up to 25 popped bottle caps in a compartment that is easily opened and emptied when convenient. Instead of opening each bottle and then looking for the trash can or worse, littering it on the ground, the Cap-Trap keeps all the opened caps in one place.

Bottle openers are used worldwide to remove over 250 billion steel crown caps from bottles of beer, soda and other beverages each year. These bottle caps are then disposed, recycled or littered. Imagine if only one percent are littered. Did you know that it takes 500 years for each bottle cap to decompose? Consider this before you toss out that next bottle cap. The energy saved by recycling just 25 steel bottle caps is enough energy to power a TV for three hours.

dispose2.jpgCap-Trap Eco-Friendly Bottle Openers combine the best attributes of both hand-held bottle openers and cap-catchers into one single product. They automatically capture, collect, store and dispose the bottle caps while still providing convenience and mobility. With a capacity of 25 bottle caps, the collection chamber is easily emptied using the one-touch release button. (Click on images to view larger size.)

They can also customize your Cap-Trap bottle opener to look like almost anything you can imagine. A tiger for you LSU fans, baseball, football and basketball themed Cap-Traps along with fishing and even a Santa Claus themed version appears on their website. Make sure to check them out at and view the different styles they are working on. By being environmentally conscience with your used bottle caps helps you not only tailgate, but tailgate better.

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10 thoughts to “Cap-Trap: The Eco-Friendly Bottle Opener”

  1. Hey Dave, this is a great find! I work as a caterer and we do a lot of events where I’m opening bottles. I have to put the bottle caps in a cup so they won’t get everywhere after I open each bottle. WHAT A PAIN! Looking at this item, I already know that it would make my job easier and faster which means more tips for me!

  2. Great Idea. The restaurants and lounges should love this one. I wish I had it when I worked as a bartender.

  3. All fine, well and good – recycling bottle caps that is. But I can’t find anyone who will take them, so I have to throw them in the trash. Does any one out there know any one who recycles the caps. Getting paid for them would be nice too! I am involved in a restoration project that could use a couple extra dollars.

  4. Dear nnameneri,

    Steel bottle caps are one of the easiest things to recycle. An amazing 70% of each cap can be reused to make more bottle caps or other steel products. I can fit 75 steel bottle caps into one empty steel can (vegetables, baked beans, etc.), then I close the top and lock it by inserting another steel bottle cap between the gap. That one filled steel can is equal to four empty steel cans by weight. That’s a lot of steel being recycled, and it’s much better for our environment than throwing them into the trash which ends up in our landfills.

    Check out this website:

    Here’s an excerpt:

    Steel (Twist) Tops

    The easiest way to check if a top is made from steel is to try to pick it up with a magnet. If a magnet sticks, its steel.

    Steel bottle tops are too small to go straight in the recycling bin; they will fall through the sorting machines. The best way to recycle them is to collect them in an empty steel can and when the can is about half full squeeze the top closed and put the can and tops in the recycling bin. At the recycling station, magnets will pick up the steel can, with the tops inside and drop them in a collection basket ready to be melted down and reused.

  5. That’s a good point TheEcoMag, and recycling also reduces energy consumption. I was doing some research at school about steel recycling and I found out that the energy saved by recycling 25 steel bottle caps is enough energy to power a TV for three hours. Pretty cool! Now I recycle all of my bottle caps and help save the planet in the process. I hope more people will start doing the same.

  6. So, when will I be able to buy this portable cap catching bottle opener? I want to use it at my tailgating parties. I actually did come across it on another website a little while ago:

    It seems like it’s still in the development stages though. One time my dog almost choked on a bottle cap while we were tailgating and now I am always looking out for them and picking them up.

  7. Hi folks. Just to update, the Cap-Trap bottle opener has been issued a patent in the US and is currently patent pending in several other countries as well. The tooling is in it’s final stages of completion so they will be available for purchase in time for summer. If you would like us to contact you when they are available simply click on the link to our website and let us know on our guestbook! The link is

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