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Can Covers for 16 oz Pint cans

Posted by Dave On May - 13 - 2015

Guiness covered by Rockstar Energy Can
With the explosion of craft beers being distributed in cans, many tailgaters are finding a growing problem consuming those beers out in public. Many craft breweries and even Macro-Brews are available in 16 oz. pint cans. Covering up the standard 12 oz. cans was not an issue thanks to these nifty Can Covers but those beer sleeves only covered 12 oz. cans. What about the larger cans?

Thankfully we have solved that problem. Using 16 oz. energy drink cans or soda cans that come in a 16 oz. size, we are happy to be offering can covers for 16 oz. cans.

Craft beers are not the only adult beverages that come in 16 oz. pint cans. Beverages like Mike’s Hard Lemonade and many of the Hard Ciders come in 16 oz. cans as well. For those of you that tailgate in places where open containers of adult beverages are frowned upon, these can covers can save you from a lot of headache and hassles.

Sierra Nevada covered by Mt Dew Kickstart can

Of course, if you choose to utilize these beer can covers while tailgating or at the beach or even walking the dog in the neighborhood, please use caution. It is your responsibility to understand and know the locals laws within the areas you plan to use them. We also highly encourage you to not use these can covers while driving. Drinking and driving is a serious thing and we want everyone to understand that these can covers are not meant for that purpose. Please, DO NOT drink and drive.

Beer Can Covers (16 oz Pint) will cost you $4 per sleeve or if you buy larger quantities, the unit price per piece will drop. Buy 12 and the price per can cover drops below $3 per sleeve. To buy a 16 oz beer can cover, visit our online tailgating gear store or click HERE.

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