Tailgating with Campfire in a Can

tailgating_campfire.jpgTailgating with a big, roaring campfire is the ultimate in keeping warm or for just roasting some s’mores as you wait for the parking lot to clear out. The problem with a tailgating campfire is it is messy, takes up a lot of room and once it is started, takes a long time to burn out. Who has the time for a campfire while tailgating? What if there was a way to tailgate with the benefits of a campfire without all the hassles that come with it? The folks at Campfire in a Can have come up with a great solution to have a tailgating campfire while keeping it clean and manageable at the same time.

Lugging a bundle of firewood along with a proper fire receptacle to go tailgating is a pain. Campfire in a Can is a portable propane fire pit that is CSA certified to 64,000 BTU’s. Not only can you use it for the natural aesthetics and heat of a real fire pit but you can also cook on it if you so choose. The cooking kit allows you to grill or place a skillet on top of the flames. All this happens without any burning wood. The Campfire in a Can is fueled by any propane cylinder via a 10 foot propane hose and regulator. A realistic one-piece log set with super glow wood chips gives your tailgating campfire an authentic wood burning appearance. For you RV tailgaters, the Campfire in a Can can use the RV coupler making it easy and safe to attach the hose to your RV’s propane system.

The aluminum canister top functions as a stand and a protective carrying case. The collapsible handle folds flush for easy storage. The whole unit weighs about 14 and a half pounds, is 10 and a quarter inches tall and 14 and three-quarter inches in diameter. The best part is when you are done with the fire, simply turn off the regulator’s flow of propane, let cool for a few minutes, replace the cover and you are on the road. No more waiting for logs to smolder out or dumping water on the fire. Another benefit is that you are using propane instead of wood. That means no more wood smoke to blow in your face while you are enjoying your campfire.

Campfire in a Can will run you between $210 to $240 depending on the model you choose. Interested in seeing Campfire in a Can in action? Check out their videos.

If you decide to get one for yourself, make sure to mention you read about it on TailgatingIdeas.com.

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