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Bring on the Snow

Posted by Chris On December - 26 - 2010

As an NFL fan I was becoming very jealous of the Chicago, Minnesota, and and New England football fans.

No, the jealousy had nothing to do with Super Bowl trophies!  Instead the jealousy had everything to do with their recent football weather.  Over the past month each of the teams and their fans had the opportunity to tailgate, watch the game, and play the game in snow.

The highlights from each of the games looked pretty freaking awesome to this fan.  Tailgaters were gathered around large fires, fans were throwing snowballs to celebrate touchdowns, and players were slip-sliding across snow covered fields.  To this fan these are all signs of true and absolutely perfect football.  I wanted what they had…and I almost got it.  Almost…

It was almost the perfect Christmas.  The presents were perfect, the dinner and dessert feasts were plenty, and the weather forecast was dreamy.  The day after Christmas called for snow in the Philadelphia area.  The initial forecast was for 4-6 inches of snow.  I would be like a kid on Christmas morning the day after Christmas.

Unfortunately the ultimate present was not meant to be.  As the evening progressed and the evening turned to morning the weather forecast just kept getting worse.  The predictions for snow accumulation and wind speeds just kept increasing all the way to blizzard conditions.  But being a football tailgater and fan I wasn’t ready to just give up.  Seeing the recent conditions for games in Chicago, New England, and Minnesota I thought there was no way that the game gets cancelled.

So being the ultimate optimist I woke up early and packed up the truck with the tailgating gear to get a head start on my trip down to PA and then off to the parking lots of Lincoln Financial field.  Thoughts of grills cooking, fires flaming, and snowballs flying filled my head as I began my journey.  Inside the car the blasting of AC/DC only heightened my already perfect mood.  BUT…

Then the phone rang.  On the other end was Dad with the news that the Sunday Night Game was postponed to a freaking Tuesday night.  Ugh, a work night when getting down to the stadium early enough for a kick-ass tailgate would be difficult.  I was so unbelievably bummed.  But…

As I mentioned I am the ultimate optimist.  So even with the current situation being described as  a “Debbie Downer” I was hit with a brilliant idea.  The day after Christmas miracle…

That’s right, do a parking lot tailgate right at home.  And that tailgate will be beginning in less than 40 minutes.  The grill is set-up on the back porch, the snow is falling, a few friends are over, and the big screen TV is all set for the 4 o’clock kick-offs.  Yes, it’s not Chicago at the stadium football and tailgating but at least there will be no traffic or traffic accidents after the game.  And if one of friends pisses me off or the fantasy team under performs there will be plenty of snowballs to throw (hey, I am from Philadelphia, it’s what we do!).

Merry Day after Christmas.  For some of us this might just be the best day of the weekend!

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