Petition To Reinstate Cal State Fullerton Titan Football

Due to the overwhelming support to bring back Titan Football, a separate website has been created to promote this effort. Please visit for more information on the status of reinstating Cal State Fullerton Football.

The original text as it was published on November 9th, 2007 appears below:

Cal State Fullerton Football vs. CSU Northridge 1992

It’s been 15 years since the Cal State Fullerton Football Team played it’s last game in Titan Stadium. Even though Cal State Fullerton is best known for its four-time national championship baseball program, there are many that still yearn for the days when the Titans also played football. Recent reunions involving former players and coaches has opened up conversations about reinstating the Cal State Fullerton Football Program. Those conversations are not just all talk about how it was back in “the good ‘ol days”. Apparently the interest in bringing the program back has drawn the attention of the Cal State Fullerton Associated Students President. Heather Williams has scheduled a town hall meeting for November 29, 2007 to discuss the possibility of bringing back the football program. In an effort to maximize support for the reinstatement of the Cal State Fullerton Football Team, an online petition has been created and will be presented at the meeting.

Reinstate Cal State Fullerton Titan Football Petition

The online petition states:

We, the undersigned, hereby pledge our support for the reinstatement of the sport of intercollegiate football at California State University, Fullerton.

The Cal State Fullerton Football Team can trace its roots back to 1970 when the sport was first established at CSUF. In the 23 years of competition prior to the program’s cancellation following the 1992 season, the Cal State Fullerton Football program has produced numerous professional football players and a number of former coaches have coached or currently coach in the National Football League. We believe that reinstating the Cal State Fullerton Football Team will provide a greater sense of pride and cohesiveness among current students, alumni and the community in the greater Orange County, California area.

The main argument for the elimination of the Cal State Fullerton Football program in 1992 was overall apathy and a lack of fan support at that time. By signing this petition, we are proving that assumption to be false and no longer valid in today’s climate.

We, the undersigned, plan to support the Cal State Fullerton Football program in any way we can. We encourage the California State University, Fullerton administration and Associated Students, Inc. to reinstate the football program for competition in the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA).

This petition will be presented to Heather Williams, ASI President & CEO-Associated Students, CSUF, Inc., on Thursday, November 29, 2007 at noon pacific standard time. The petition will be presented during a special town hall meeting intended to gauge interest in reinstating the Cal State Fullerton Football program to active status.

By signing this petition, we request California State University, Fullerton reinstate the Cal State Fullerton Football Team to full competitive status within the NCAA.

The Undersigned

If you agree with this petition and the opinions stated within, please add your name. Just imagine, tailgating in Fullerton in the fall before a football game and not having to wait until baseball season arrives to fire up the grill. Go Titans!

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16 thoughts to “Petition To Reinstate Cal State Fullerton Titan Football”

  1. I just looked at the petition and it already up to over 1,000 signatures. I didn’t go to CSU Fullerton but hope you get the football team back.

  2. Brian, thanks for the comment. There is not a set amount of signatures needed. the petition was designed to allows those that could not attend the November meeting to still have their voice heard and to support the cause. You should check out for more updates on the progress on this effort. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Facility is already there, and with so cal having the best hs players in the nation its a no brainer. So Cal is the major feeder to 30 programs, yet there is only SC and UCLA in the area. Im sure kids would come to Fullerton instead of going to Boise or other rat holes. Just dont hire an out of town loser like Chuck Long.

    Look what Pat Hill does in Fresno. CSF use to beat Fresno.

  4. Uh, you’re from Fullerton and you’re dissing Boise? Get real. And if you ever do get back in the WAC, BSU will kick your ass just like everyone else.

  5. Bring back the CSUF football team, because it will be a great opportunity for the Orange County Locals, who want to stay close by and play football.

  6. It will be great to see a division 1 team in the Orange County area, and maybe join the Pac-10 conference =).

  7. I played on the first two teams in 1970 and 1971. Very special. Played Grambling at Grambling then the next year at the Coliseum before 64,000. Almost beat them in 1970. The Mercy Bowl game was played to raise money for our three coaches killed in a plane crash was very emotional. We beat Fresno State in the game. That year, Fresno St. beat San Jose, who beat Stanford, who beat Michigan in the Rose bowl so we figured that we could beat Michigan. It was a very special group of athletes and coaches who in the first two years played for the conference championship both years. Our head coach Dick Coury was an NFL assis. coach for many years. Many, many great memories. Bring the team back.

  8. My Dad was Dallas Moon and he was killed in the 1971 plane crash that took Joe O’Hara and Bill Hannah. My brother and I were with my Dad all summer, shagging balls, being “coaches kids” at Titan practices and games. Coach Coury and all the players were so good to us, before and after the crash. I remember you, Marshall, and all you players were like my big buddies. I, too, have many great memories of Titan Football.It was a shame football got dropped, and it’s time to bring the team back.

  9. Even though I’m a CSULB graduate, I went to CSUF for 2 years. I remember well the plaque at the school honoring the three football coaches who died in that plane crash. When I later met Dallas Moon’s son (David’s bro), I instantly recalled that plaque and “the story” – what a heartbreak for so many people.

    It would be an honor to Coaches Moon, Hannah, and O’Hara for CSUF to bring back Titan football. There are certainly enough area high school football teams to recruit enough players.

    Most Sincerely,
    Joan Lauer email:

  10. Im now entering college and a school with a football team is a big deal. It keeps schools on the map, and it would be awesome to see Fullerton with its team back.

  11. I miss the many great Titan footbal exploits we saw in the 80’s: Damon Allen making a name for himself throwing those awesome passes to Pruitt and company. Mike Pringle running up the middle setting incredible rushing records. Mark Collins getting drafted by the NFl champs Giants. What about that injustice when Fullerton was snubbed by our local Freedom Bowl despite being ranked #25 by Sports Illustrated? Man, we woudl have filled the Big A to the brim!
    I dont expect Titan footbal to return at the Division 1 level but, hey, even D2 or 3 would be a great first step. Sign me up for season tickets!

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