Boycott Concessions at ACC Championship Game

This Saturday is championship game week. All the major conferences who host a championship game, SEC, Big XII, ACC, all will have the game that determines which team will get that coveted BCS Bowl berth. Normally these games are played in larger, neutral sites yet still remain regional to handle the large crowd expected to be in attendance. That means fans of both teams can normally tailgate at the games without traveling a tremendous distance.  Unfortunately the ACC has chosen to play its championship game at Raymond James Stadium, a stadium notoriously known for its anti-tailgating policies. Because of Raymond James Stadium’s refusal to open up parking lot gates earlier than 4:30 pm for an 8 pm kick-off, fans from both Georgia Tech and Clemson are boycotting spending any money inside the stadium. I fully applaud this move and would encourage all to do the same.

You may recall an email I received from a reader, Chris, who tailgates before Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Tech games. He wrote in and although he personally has not been subject to tailgating restrictions, he believes tailgating has taken on a negative stigma in the media lately. In light of the upcoming ACC Championship Game limited tailgating times, he felt compelled to email again. This time he and other tailgaters are taking action.

I just wanted to send you a quick update that I now understand and feel the pain of tailgating restrictions. This Saturday, I will be traveling to Tampa for the ACC Championship Game at Raymond James Stadium. RJ has announced, even with hundreds of Georgia Tech and Clemson tailgaters calling to complain, that they will not open the parking lots until 4:30 pm for our 8 pm game.

We will be boycotting all purchases inside the stadium and have worked with a local business to allow us to use their parking lot. Further, we have asked on our forum boards that everyone stay on the coast or in St Pete and not [in] the city of Tampa. I just wanted to send my thoughts/suggestions. It may be difficult to implement, but boycotting and standing ground can be a simple way to show the size of our community.

I think Chris and other tailgaters are on the right track here. Calling and complaining will do no good unless there is action. We all have heard the cliche, “money talks”. Refusing to buy anything inside Raymond James Stadium will speak louder than any email or telephone campaign.

So if you like tailgating and want to send a message to other conferences and teams that you do not want your tailgating time reduced, please support this boycott. Please resist the urge to buy any souvenirs, nachos, beer, even a bottle of water. BUY NOTHING! If you are thirsty, find a drinking fountain. I am sure they have one or two inside Raymond James Stadium. Just imagine the piles of nachos going to waste and the cylinders of soda going flat because tailgaters refused to buy ANYTHING.

I will take it one step further and also encourage fans of Clemson and Georgia Tech to not spend one nickle inside the city limits of Tampa. Spend your money in St. Petersburg or other cities but not in Tampa. Fill up your gas tanks, eat in restaurants and stay in hotels all outside of Tampa. If the City of Tampa does not get that tax revenue that this game is expected to produce they may place pressure on Raymond James Stadium to be a bit more tailgate friendly.

This issue is larger and extends beyond the ACC Championship Game. You may not be a fan of Georgia Tech or Clemson and your favorite team might not even be in the ACC. This particular boycott may not directly affect you now but it may speak volumes down the road.

We as a tailgating community need to take this seriously and make sure to inform every person who possibly could attend this game to adhere to the boycott. Please pass this message on to anyone and everyone via email, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, message board forums, etc.

You may not care about this particular game on Saturday but you will care when some other team or conference starts taking away your own tailgating time.

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22 thoughts to “Boycott Concessions at ACC Championship Game”

  1. That is just a completely stupid idea. Tailgating is such a tradition with football. I would argue that it helps attendance. Many people would just stay home and watch it on TV if not for the social aspect that tailgating provides.

  2. Don’t you think the fact that only 2,500 folks show up to the game will affect Tampa and RJ more than not selling a few Cokes?

  3. I am a season ticket holder for South Florida and they play their games out of Ray Jay. The people in charge of parking could care a less about the tailgaters. When they park the cars in the lots they make it so you don’t have room to tailgate. We’ve complained, but the person in charge refuses to speak to anyone on the phone or even acknowledge the issue.

    On behalf of all the tailgaters here in Tampa for the game I apologize!!

  4. I’m from Tampa, and a USF fan, we play in RayJay and know how anti-fun they can be.

    I applaud this move. I also thing that you guys should make others aware that are there that might read these boards. Make sure you also have banners or signs on your cars, RV’s, ext., along with your teams, letting others know:


  5. I’m all in favor of Ray Jay pissing off the ACC. Send letters to your conference officials and get the game moved out of Tampa.

    I also think it’s kind of weird that UGA and South Carolina are playing for the ACC title this year.

  6. #6 and #8 the game is moving to Charlotte starting next year. And don’t worry the feeling is mutual. Worst location for a championship game ever.

  7. I promise you, that me and my family will not buy anything inside Raymond James stadium or in the city of Tampa.

  8. What is USF?

    Is it a four year university? If so, are they related to the University of Phoenix?

    Do they have a Division 1A football team?

  9. The Georgia Dome parking lots open at 6AM for tailgating before its 4PM SEC championship game…

    Just another piece of evidence proving Swofford is a little girl!!!

  10. That is the stupidest policy I’ve ever heard. I’ve been tailgating outside of Milwaukee Brewers game at both County Stadium and Miller Park and I had a blast (they even set up barrels to dump your burning coals in before you left the parking lot).

    If anyone goes to this game, definitely don’t buy anything in the stadium. It’s not worth it most of the time and the stadium people know it.

  11. Yet another city that will kick the ACC out after this year. A conference championship in North Carolina? Why not just doubleheader in Detriot with the MAC? Im sure they would let the ACC be the undercard.

    1 BCS win since 2000, a conference title game no one watches or attends, and a losing record against IAA teams. ACC = joke!

  12. Georgia Tech and Clemson. As soon as it was found out these were the 2 teams in the game, the whole town just felt let down. Clemson will bring some people. Georgia Tech will bring a small number.

    Just disappointed with the teams. When FSU and Miami are back on top, this game will be important again.

  13. Hey #16 you might want to get your facts straight on how many fans teams brings. While for some reason Georgia Tech has a bad reputation in the media that we don’t travel well. It is a complete myth that even our fans have bought into. I think you should go look at how many tickets Tech has sold versus other teams to bowl games etc… before you continue to spread this myth. The game will be pretty full. The fact that the only school in the ACC that is 4 hours or less away from Tampa is FSU kind of makes it a horrible place for the game to be played. The game getting moved to Charolette makes it a more geographical neutral location for future games. I’m going to be there and I would imagine the game will be one of the more higher attended ACC championship games ever since it will be such a good game. FSU and Miami will not be back on top anytime soon. The teams in the ACC have gotten better and can keep up and compete with FSU and Miami year in and year out. Miami never had a reign in the ACC, only in the Big Least. FSU will never have a reign say Florida has in the SEC due to the parity now in the ACC, that and Jimbo Fischer will not be successful at FSU. If you want FSU and Miami in the championship game, I hope you plan to wait quite a few years for it to happen.

  14. And they won’t even be selling beer inside anyways.. Last year RayJay only had beer INSIDE the club level and you could NOT take the beer to your seats… I won’t be spending money there cuz I won’t be there.

  15. Dude:
    Get a life!! All this energy you’re expending to “punish” the city of Tampa for giving you only 3 1/2 hours to party before the game starts is going to make you hungry and thirsty!!! Maybe you can hang around after the game and intercept the trash bags filled with uneaten nachos and cheese and get your treats for FREE!!

  16. Regardless of whether people appreciate Georgia Tech or Clemson or the ACC at all, boycotting the host city is always a terrible idea for any team. It may annoy tailgaters who want to tailgate all day, but the economic effect it’ll have on the stadium and the city is detrimental to the school’s athletic program. The BCS is a business, and the ranked teams are sent to good bowls if the committee thinks the team’s fans travel well (and spend well). Boise State this year played really well this year, but will probably not make it to a good bowl because it’s been pre-determined that their fans don’t travel well. If a team has an amazing season, but their fans are boycotting business over tailgating times, they will be deemed a poor economic decision and it’ll cost them the chance to play in a major bowl.

    Nice short run idea, but in reality it won’t help in the long run at all.

  17. Get your facts straight. This was the highest attended ACC Champ game in several years. In fact, both schools sold out their allotments and filled all of the seats despite crappy weather, blown up hotel prices, and terrible tailgating arrangements. In fact, the only vacant seats were in the endzones. Those were seats that were supposedly given to local teams and charities. Way to show up Tampa. I figured Buc and USF fans would want to see teams with winning records. ACC fans are happy to see this game finally leaving the state of Florida whose only legacy team remains and always will be the Gators.

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