The Body Bottle Good For Tailgating Too

I first discovered The Body Bottle when I received an email from one of the people associated with the company. (They played by the rules which I highly respected.) The Body Bottle was originally designed and developed for joggers and other types of exercisers but could definitely be adapted for tailgating.

The concept is simple. The Body Bottle attaches to your arm (or other body part) via wide velcro pieces. To drink from the Body Bottle, one simply has to “rip” the Body Bottle off in a single motion. The bottle holds 10 oz. of liquid so you could use it as a mobile flask. Put it on your arm and it is easily accessible for a pull here and there as you tailgate hop.

After I received my own Body Bottle I thought of another way to use it while tailgating. You could use it to sneak a few more shots of booze into the game or concert and avoid paying high concession prices.


I chose to strap it to my ankle and walked around the house for a few minutes to test it out. The velcro held it in place steady and there were no wobbles. The bottle stayed flush against by leg and contoured to my body for easy conceal-ability. Just roll down your pant leg and no one would know.

I have been to my fair share of sporting events and concerts in my day and I have been patted down by security more times than I care to mention. I can’t recall any time when a rent-a-cop patted down my ankles. Strapping a Body Bottle to your ankle might be the easiest way to get some extra booze past the security so you aren’t paying $9 for a beer or even more for a Jack and Coke. Simply buy a soda once inside, get a second cup for ice and you and a friend can enjoy some cocktails courtesy of The Body Bottle.

The Body Bottle normally sells for $24.95 but they are offering it at an introductory price of $19.95. I would think if you used it one time it would pay for itself in savings of what you would have paid on the inside. - Unique Sports Gifts

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  1. A friend sewed a pouch on the front of a pair of briefs for me…works great for 2 flasks. No one pats you there!

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