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Beerdolier: Go Commando While Tailgating

Posted by Dave On August - 24 - 2008

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to see for myself the Beerdolier in action. As you can see, it resembles a bandolier that you wrap across your chest but instead of bullets you have spaces for six beers. A simple yet ingenious design that would be perfect for the tailgater that has numerous tailgate parties to visit before kick-off.

I tested out the Beerdolier for myself and placed six beers in it. After about an hour, I tried one of the beers and it was still relatively cold.  Not as cold had it stayed in the fridge the entire time but definitely not warm either. I would compare it to the coldness you would get if you placed a beer in a beer koozie and let it sit out on the table for an hour. The belt itself is rather sturdy and the beer koozies are attached with two rivets per koozie.

Break this out at your next tailgate party and roam the parking lot with it on. I guarantee you’ll get a few looks and smiles and quite possibly it could be a great conversation starter.

Get your own Beerdolier at beerdolier.com.

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2 Responses to “Beerdolier: Go Commando While Tailgating”

  1. That’s fine for my walk to the urinal ,but where do I keep my beers for when the real drinking begins?

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