Never Pay Retail Again For Beer Pong

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In today’s economy we all could stand to save a little money. That’s why I am sharing with you a website I recently discovered that will help you save some of that hard earned cash on beer pong no less.

You have probably heard of those coupon websites like or At those sites you punch in the name of the online store you want to buy from and the website returns online coupon codes that others have used and have decided to share. Not a bad deal but these sites cater to those online Big Box stores or other Ecommerce sites that have broad appeal to the masses. Getting coupons for tailgating might be a bit more tricky because it is a niche market. Finding coupons in order to continue your obsession with playing beer pong was nearly impossible until was introduced.

Now you can price compare all different brands of beer pong tables and accessories all in one location. They have product reviews along with a way to submit new coupon codes you may have discovered. When price comparing, the site is even nice enough to let you know exactly how much you are saving over paying the regular retail price.

Coupons are updated daily and guaranteed 100%. Once a coupon expires, it is removed from the website so you only see what’s absolutely valid. There’s no membership fees, no giving up of your email info either. Just search the site, grab the codes and enter them at checkout. Not a bad deal at all.

If you are in the market for a new beer pong table and money is a bit tight, check them out at

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