Backyard Barkeep: Grab It, Jab It & Play

Whether you are tailgating on grass or on asphalt, finding a safe and sturdy place to hold your drink while playing tailgating games can be a problem. No need for concern anymore. Now comes the Backyard Barkeep, a sturdy metal drink holder that holds two beverages and can be used on grass or hard ground. Designed with a pointed tip at the end that when jabbed into grass or dirt, holds the Backyard Barkeep upright. So now all you need to do is get a Backyard Barkeep and grab it, jab it and play. Check out these short demo videos.

As you can see from the previous videos it is so simple to keep your beverages out of the way while tailgating. The two bottle openers make it a great tailgating accessory. The additional score card completes the package making it the ultimate tailgating game accessory. And if you are not tailgating on grass? A metal base (sold separately) allows you to place the Backyard Barkeep on concrete or asphalt surfaces. Here are some photos I snapped of my own Backyard Barkeep on both grass and asphalt. (Click images for larger view.)

Backyard barkeep grassBackyard barkeep asphaltBackyard barkeep grassBackyard barkeep asphalt rear

The thing that most impressed me about the Backyard Barkeep was how sturdy it was both in grass and in the metal base. As a tailgater you definitely do not want something that is flimsy and will break easily. Also, the Backyard Barkeep is small and lightweight enough that by adding it to your regular tailgating list, you won’t have to pull something out to make room for it. Now that I have my own Backyard Barkeep I know it will be added as a regular item I pack when going tailgating.

If you are a tailgater that loves to play any of the tailgate tossing games like cornhole, washers, sholf, pub washers, horseshoes, washeroos, etc., you need to get a Backyard Barkeep. Just the peace of mind of not having to worry where you put your drink down will help you concentrate on playing the game more. The built-in bottle openers make it a nice touch as well so now you can toss those bulky promotional key chain bottle openers in the trash. Each Backyard Barkeep is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a scorecard as well.

A single Backyard Barkeep with cost you $24.95 but in all honesty you’ll probably want two… one for behind each cornhole board. If you order a pair, you’ll get a break on the price. A pair of Backyard Barkeeps cost $39.95. The optional metal base for use on a hard surface runs $9.95 each.

For more information or to order your own Backyard Barkeep visit their official website,

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2 thoughts to “Backyard Barkeep: Grab It, Jab It & Play”

  1. This thing looks awesome. We tailgate on the Great Lawn at AZ Cards games and this could complete our tailgating kit.

  2. I just bought a set, and NO joke they are a must have! I had another “Tower” and it was flimsy, we ended up breaking it after three uses. This set will NEVER break.
    Good call Tailgating ideas!

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