• The TailGator Beverage Glove – The Ultimate Cold Weather Party Glove

    tailgating beer glove featured

    I love coozies. LOVE them. My collection of coozies – or “insulated can holders” – is in the double digits. I’ve got thin sleeve coozies and thick foamy ones. I’ve got coozies with Phillies and Eagles logos, coozies specifically designed for bottles and even a coozie on a necklace for hands-free drinking. I recently got engaged, and received a pair of “Mr.” and “Mrs.” coozies as an engagement present.

    I tell you all this because in all my coozie collecting years, I have never owned a coozie attached to my winter gloves. In fact, the thought never even entered my mind until I came across the TailGator Beverage Glove. I quickly realized that I had been missing out, and couldn’t be more excited about adding the “Ultimate Cold Weather Party Glove” to my arsenal of beverage handling.

    tailgating beer glove red

    First things first, the gloves themselves are awesome. Warm and comfortable and they offer a soft microfleece shell, Thinsulate Insulation, waterproof linin, and soft rubber-tech grip. Even if I was the least-thirsty man in the world, with no intentions of ever handling a beverage, I would feel great about wearing these gloves. And they come in a bunch of great colors like Glacier Blue and Cardinal Red, so you can be sure to coordinate with your favorite team (or go for the Highland Timber Camo if you are trying to remain properly hydrated while hiding from deer).

    Tailgator Glove InstructionsWhile these high-quality gloves are great on their own, the built-in beverage holder really puts it over the top. The gloves boast an elastic stretch beverage holder that accommodates all beverages – bottles, cans, plastic cups and water bottles all fit snugly in the holder. Simply flip the holder around to the palm side of the glove and attach it to the Velcro tab. When not in use, the holder attaches to the back of the glove, completely out of the way.

    Having a built-in beverage holder brings a lot of positives to your outdoor drinking situation. First of all, your beverage is going to stay cold and your hands are going to stay warm thanks to the insulated material. If you have ever held an ice-cold beer in your hands on a winter day, you know how important this feature is. Even with gloves on, the cold has a way of getting through to your hands.

    In the past, I have tried to combat this problem by putting a regular coozie on my beer and then holding it in my gloved hand. Unless you enjoy broken bottles and wasted beer, I do not recommend this. The built-in beverage holder allows you to keep the beer cold and your hands warm, without having to worry about awkwardly fumbling your drink.

    Rob Halloween Tailgator Beverage GlovesI recently tested these gloves out on Halloween, the first big chill of the season here in Philadelphia. Going door-to-door with the little ones, I was able to sip on some refreshing adult treats without having to worry about my hands going numb from the cold.

    Everybody was asking me about the gloves, and I even received a few free beverages so people could see them in action. When asked by the other adults, I told them all the same thing – “They are great! Get a pair!”

    The only downside I could see is that BOTH gloves don’t come with the beverage holder. You know, for when you really like to party.

    The Tailgator Beverage gloves cost $24.99 a pair and that price includes free shipping.

    To learn more about Tailgator Beverage Gloves, visit their website: thetailgatorglove.com

  • Tunz Speaker

    TUNZ Rechargable Speaker

    Tailgating before a concert is a little different than tailgating before a big football game or other sporting event. While it is nice to have some food to grill or some games to play, the only thing you really need for a concert tailgate is music. As long as you have a quality sound system and don’t play the music of the band you are going to see (trust me, don’t be that guy), everything will be fine.

    When I say “quality sound system,” I am stressing the ‘quality’ part. You do not want to just turn your car radio on, leave the doors open, and hope that your battery doesn’t die. You also do not want to rely on your cell phone, unless you want everyone to gather around you in silence trying to listen to the thin, tinny sound it produces.

    Enter the TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker. With its lightweight yet sturdy design and impressive sound quality, these speakers are perfect for tailgating. I recently tested out the speaker system while tailgating before a concert and came away very impressed with the device.

    The TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker, manufactured by TYLT, is a 12.9 ounce portable wireless speaker that delivers volume levels up to 80 decibels. The device is compatible with Bluetooth Version 3.0, which allows for Wi-Fi quality speed and a more efficient power usage. In fact, the TUNZ speaker can play music for up to 20 hours at 50% volume. If your tailgate is going any longer than that, I think you are going to have bigger problems than running out of music!

    Check out their video demonstrating all the features of the UNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker.

    Upon arriving at the parking lot, I quickly turned the speaker on, set up my phone’s music player, and rested it on the roof of my car. The TUNZ speaker easily drowned out the music bleeding over from other tailgates, and we were all able to chat, laugh, and enjoy the evening while listening to crisp, high-quality audio.

    TUNZ chargingThe speaker can play music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. This came in handy as the tailgate wore on and my friends wanted a chance to play some of their music. We easily switched between devices and kept the party going from rock to rap to pop and back. The sound quality remained consistently great across all genres (the bass was definitely bumping!). The TUNZ speaker can also connect to any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, so you can play music from a device that does not have Bluetooth. The back of the speaker has both an AUX input and output, and also a universal USB port for charging external devices, so you don’t have to worry about your phone dying before the night is over.

    The TUNZ speaker compares favorably to other, more expensive portable speakers. I have tested other speakers and feel like it is the best value on the market for under $200. At $149.99, you are getting all of the features available in other speakers, with top-level sound quality and a sharp, easy-to-use design. When you start looking at products cheaper than TUNZ (and even some in the same price range or higher), you will notice a definite drop-off in the sound quality.

    The sound quality is obviously the most important aspect when it comes to portable speakers, but there are some other features that set the TUNZ speakers apart. The speaker comes with 3 interchangeable vibration-cancelling Silicon Bands. While these bands help with the overall sound, they also add a little personal touch to your speaker (I opted for a red one to match my trusty Corolla).

    …If your tailgate party lasts longer than 20 hours, I think you have bigger problems than running out of music…

    The speaker also functions as a speakerphone when connected to Bluetooth, with a built-in noise cancelling microphone (there is a Call/Answer button on the top of the device). You can call the last number or answer an incoming call directly from the device – perfect for helping a latecomer find your tailgate. The TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker is also NFC Enabled and includes the Tagstand NFC launcher App for Android.

    Even though the TUNZ speaker is perfect for outdoor events due to its portable nature, I have found myself using it around the house as well. Whenever I am doing the dishes or folding laundry, I will turn on Pandora on my phone and have it play through the speaker. It really makes a difference hearing your favorite music on a quality speaker. And being able to control what is playing with a few swipes on your phone is very nice. You can also upgrade your TV and movie viewings by connecting the speaker to your TV. The lack of wires allows for a nice uncluttered look, and an action-packed movie or sporting event will sound great with the added boost the speaker provides.

    Tunz RedIf you are in the market for an upgrade to your speaker system, the TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker is definitely something you will want to consider. The size is compact enough that it will fit in your glove box or center console, yet the sound is clear, rich, and loud. The TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect mix of high quality audio and portability, and will instantly transform your next tailgate, picnic, or BBQ into a serious party.

    The TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker retails for $149.99 and includes the speaker, 3 interchangeable vibration-canceling silicon bands, micro-USB charging cable, 3.5 mm AUX cable, carry bag, and user guide.

    For more information on TUNZ and other TYLT products, please visit the TYLT website at: www.tylt.com

  • WindowFanz Review

    When Allen Iverson led the Sixers to the 2001 NBA Finals, the entire city of Philadelphia came along for the ride. Everyone was sporting jerseys and hats, and you couldn’t drive a few blocks without seeing Sixers flags proudly waving from car windows.

    Showing my support, I affixed one to my trusty Geo Prizm and took a ride on the bandwagon. However, my enthusiasm for my home team was quickly pitted against my annoyance with the flag, always flapping in the wind. Rolling the window down quickly became out of the question. To make things worse, a few weeks of typical East Coast weather caused fading and fraying. No true fan should have to support their team in this way. Before I could bring myself to take it down, I woke up to find it had been stolen.

    When my WindowFanz helmet arrived, I realized I would not have the same problems that the flag presented. The unique design allows you to connect the three-dimensional helmet of your choice to your car window with suction pads and a Velcro strap that connects it securely inside the car. The helmet itself is way more impressive than a plain flag. Made out of the same materials as actual helmets, it is a true-to-life replica complete with face mask, screws, and official logo.

    WindowFanzMy Baylor University helmet arrived the morning I was heading down to the Jersey Shore for Labor Day weekend. I was running late, but it only took about 30 seconds to place it on my Toyota Corolla. After that, I was off and running, taking highways and byways and zipping in and out of the holiday traffic. When I reached my destination, the WindowFanz was safe and sound, right where I left it.

    My Corolla and my helmet spent the weekend dealing with salty air and intermittent thunderstorms. By the time I left, I had to run the wipers a few times to clean my windshield, but the beautifully detailed helmet was firmly planted and in great shape.

    I thought that was a great initial test for this well-designed product, but the next few days really proved its value.

    Philly is certainly not the epicenter of Baylor University fandom, but I still got many honks and thumbs up from other passengers (and no, the honks were not a result of my driving skills). It seems the WindowFanz helmet is such a new and unique item that people can’t help but admire it, no matter their allegiance.

    WindowFanzWhile WindowFanz are a much-needed alternative to (and improvement on) the traditional car flag, the availability of different teams is a concern. There are currently 23 college and 5 high school teams available through the website, but that is expected to increase as demand grows and licenses are secured.

    Overall, this is a fantastic product. The sections will work on any non-porous surface, and, unlike car flags, there is absolutely no wind noise or fraying. Also, for our non-driving sports enthusiasts, WindowFanz can be placed on a desk or bookshelf, where it will sit upright. You can also remove the Velcro strap to use on an RV or rear window, or remove the suction cups to hang on a nail or wall hook. This versatility definitely adds to an already impressive, and much-needed, method for showing your team spirit.

    If you are ready to take your fandom to the next level, ditch the flags and fly your WindowFanz! For more information or to see which schools are currently offered by WindowFanz, please visit: windowfanz.com

  • MegaPongo

    I still remember the crick in my arm. Driving down to the Wells Fargo Center to tailgate before a concert, my friend and I were trying to secure a large plywood board on the roof by sticking our hands out the windows and holding it down. We weren’t all that confident with our tie-job, and as we picked up speed, the wind was threatening to blow the plywood right down the middle of Broad Street. It was a stressful drive, and we kept hoping for red lights so we could relax our arms. Eventually we made it to the parking lot, lugged a bunch of cinder blocks out of the trunk, and placed our table on top. By the time we had the cups set up, I was sweaty and ready to just relax. Beer Pong shouldn’t be this hard.

    I kept having flashbacks to that day the first time I broke out MegaPongo, the portable beer pong set. With a last minute ticket offer to the Phillies game, I headed straight to the stadium without the normal planning that goes into a tailgate. But with MegaPongo, that didn’t matter. The entire kit fits in your trunk as easily as a set of washers or bocce balls, so I had the set all ready to go. I ended up parking a few lots away from my friends, but the design is so light, there was no issue carrying it around with me. The portability of MegaPongo makes it worth the money alone, but there are some really great features in addition to its convenient packaging. (Click images for larger view)

    MegaPongo_game_partsgame set up

    As I made my way through the parking lot full of cornhole and ladder golf set-ups, I was enjoying the quizzical looks I was getting. What is that? I heard a few people ask. By the time my friends and I had set it up (which is an extremely easy process), we were getting a lot more than just curious glances. “That is the greatest thing I have ever seen,” proclaimed one enthusiastic Phillies fan. Many stopped for an admiring glance or to ask me where I got this sweet game from. And a few took pictures of the game, along with a few shots of us in action (I hope my form was okay!).
    MegaPongo makes bringing beer pong to the party extremely easy. No more tying down plywood or storing cinder blocks in your trunk. You can have a game going minutes after arriving at the beach or barbecue. But other than the convenience of transporting it, MegaPongo has some other great features that any beer pong fan will enjoy. The carrying case doubles as the “table,” and the holes for the cups make sure that the wind will not blow them away. If you have ever chased a red cup down a parking lot aisle or tried to wipe off all the grains of sand when it falls at the beach, you will appreciate this feature. Also, since there is no actual table, you don’t have to worry about the playing surface being covered in beer after a few rounds.


    The funnel system is also pretty fantastic. Most shots that do not end up in a cup will bounce around, Plinko-style, until they fall down one of the holes, through a mesh net, and into a large cup just waiting for it. This is true even for shots a little off-the-mark, as the backboard is able to corral a lot of the wayward shots. At one point, my partner and I moved away from the game to catch the last of the remaining sunlight. We casually sipped our beers and watched our opponents shoot – and miss. Instead of chasing the balls around the parking lot, we simply walked back to the game and collected them from the cup underneath the board, actions that would be unheard of in any normal outdoor beer pong game.

    When playing MegaPongo, you can tell its inventors are fans of beer pong. The playing surface is large enough to allow for multiple types of racks and re-racks, there is a place for your water cup, and the instructions come with tons of fantastic twists to traditional beer pong. I have to say, I was very impressed with MegaPongo and did not find many negatives. The backboard and funnel system do prevent a majority of the balls from bouncing away, but there are still going to be shots that get away from you. I found it to be much less than in a normal game. While the lack of a table does prevent bouncing, there are plenty of other ways to add variety and individuality to the game. Some unique games, like “Around the World” are possible, and it will be up to you to decide if bank shots are allowed. The price is a little on the high end for portable beer pong, but in my opinion it is definitely worth it. The playing surface is very stable, the game is extremely lightweight and easy to set up and break down, and you will feel very good about yourself knowing you have a game of beer pong ready to go at anytime. Just add beer!

    MegaPongo costs $135.00 plus $15 shipping and to learn more or buy a game set for yourself, click: HERE.

  • Tailgating the Wing Bowl

    Wingettes Wing Bowl 2013

    Super Bowl weekend in Philadelphia usually means one thing – drinking beer at 6 AM with 20,000 of your closest friends. While we would love for this to be in preparation for the Eagles march to an NFL Championship, in reality we are drowning the sorrows of another disappointing season at the most Philadelphian of events – the Wing Bowl.

    The Wing Bowl – Philadelphia’s premier chicken wing eating contest – has been going strong for 21 years. After countless seasons of middling teams and disappointing playoff losses, the local sports radio station decided to take matters into their own hands and ensure that the die-hard Eagles fans would have something to celebrate every February. While we would love to be cheering our beloved football team to victory, we gladly settle for cheering for a bunch of fat guys to puke from eating too many chicken wings at 8 AM.

    Wing Bowl 2013The actual format of the Wing Bowl is very straightforward – each contestant comes out on a float and takes their place on the stage, and then a three-round eating contest begins. (This year, the winner ate 287 wings, in case you are interested.) It may not seem like that big of a deal, but the beauty of Wing Bowl lies in the subtleties. Like the fact that local strip clubs sponsor the contestants, and each float usually has a handful of “Wingettes” provided by said strip clubs. Also, beer sales begin at 6 AM.

    Another impressive aspect of Wing Bowl is the handiwork of the JumboTron cameraman. He seems to have a sixth sense for knowing which girls in the stands (for some reason there is a large contingent of normal women who attend this event) will be willing to flash the crowd, and for just how long he can remain focused on them before it becomes creepy.

    The event is held at the Wells Fargo Center, home of the Philadelphia 76ers and Flyers. There are bars and parking lots surrounding the area, and plenty of public transportation. It is an interesting sight to see the parking lots as full as if the Eagles or Phillies had a game, but there is a reason for that. It is a big mistake to try to attend Wing Bowl sober. (I really think you have a better chance of puking if you are sober. Some things just can’t be unseen.) This is really the key to Wing Bowl. If you want to have a nice buzz on for a 6 AM eating contest, you are going to have to get up a lot earlier than that in order to start tailgating. Lots of people are up by 3, and many never go to bed the night before. It lends the event a certain type of camaraderie. Who would want to be standing in the freezing February cold, nursing a Bud Light at 4 in the morning, in order to see a bunch of grown men eat large amounts of meat? Great guys, that’s who!

    Wing Bowl 2013I think that reasoning really allows everyone to get along, and the entire event turns into one giant tailgate. It’s like someone left the doors to the Wells Fargo Center unlocked, and a bunch of die-hard fans just stormed in. The orderliness you experience at a typical basketball game is gone. People are running across aisles, high-fiving strangers, and just getting along great. Except for that one guy from Dallas. Nobody liked him.

    In talking with people to try to figure out why they would get up so early to drink, nobody had a really good answer. It is just a fun thing to do. But while people were lacking in answers for why they came, it certainly didn’t stop them from coming. The Wing Bowl has been growing every year. I attended back in 2001 and my friends and I just showed up the morning of and walked right in. The event was free and no tickets were required. This year, the event was sold out weeks in advance, and I paid $45 for my ticket.

    I think the reason it has grown so much over the years is pretty simple – guys love taking off work and getting drunk early in the morning. The parade of scantily clad women doesn’t hurt either.

    And the strip clubs offer a free breakfast afterwards, which is nice.

    Burger Pocket Press