• Backyard Butler

    Backyard Butler Featured

    At initial glance, the idea may seem simplistic, however after trying out the Backyard Butler I was more inclined to say, “Why didn’t I think to produce this product?”.

    I was given the opportunity to review the Dual Backyard Butler. To get the product specifics out of the way, the Backyard Butler is “PVC coated high carbon steel, welded 8” spike, has two back to back cup holders, stands 41 inches high, and has a round stable base”.

    (Disclaimer: We did receive a sample of the Backyard Butler for free. The fact this sample was provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

    As one would probably expect from a product purposed to hold your drink, the Backyard Butler was easy to put together. It came in four pieces. There is the base, supporting pole in two pieces and the dual cup holder. The poles get screwed into the base and the cup holders get screwed into the pole. And when I say screw, it is nothing more than manual turning until fully tight and stable. In all, in took my non-handyman skills to assemble in about one to two minutes. Such ease meant that I quickly disassembled it for easier transporting to Sunday’s Eagles game.

    Some of you are probably thinking why do I need a drink holder if I already have a pair of capable hands and a “camping” chair that has a cup holder in the armrest? I can’t argue with you here, but how many of us spend the whole tailgate just sitting in a chair? Not this guy. For us non-squatters, the Backyard Butler is a nice-have at the tailgate. Even better than a nice-have if you are as active as I am at the pre-game party.

    Backyard Butlers flat surface baseThe tailgate began with me grilling up some sausages and eggs. As the grill was heating up I quickly reassembled the Backyard Butler. Again, it was together in less than two minutes. I placed the Backyard Butler next to the grill and the height of the cup holder was mid-body. The cup holder held my travel coffee mug (of course spiked coffee!) without any problems. The design of the cup holder, with a built-in bottom, assured that the mug would not fall or spill, despite not having a snug fit.

    The Backyard Butler is also very lightweight making carrying it to the cornhole game easy. Setting up next to the game allowed me to drink my beer with ease. There was no need to place the beer bottle on the parking lot ground, with the fear of the beer being knocked over by me or an errant toss of the cornhole bag. As with the coffee mug, the beer bottle rested firmly in the cup holder. Different beverage container, same result.

    On a side note (and probably not the intention of the manufacturer), the dual cup colder also makes for good beer pong practice. The cup holder is about the same height as your average beer pong table and the holders hold the red solo cops nicely. Just fill up the cups, stand back and shoot. Author’s note: Despite the extra practice I was not victorious in the true game of beer pong. Even worse? I lost to a Cowboys fan!

    As a stated before, the Backyard Butler is a nice have for the tailgate. The purpose is to make things easier for you and it does. The design of the product (not an eye sore) also allows you to use the product indoors (pending if your wife or girlfriend approves). If you are watching a game solo, and the coffee table is out of reach from the couch, just break out the Backyard Butler and you have yet another reason to not move your ass off the couch. If you have a buddy over, just put it between the furniture and now neither of you need to get up!

    For further details on the Backyard Butler check out their website ouioutdoors.com/backyard-butlers. In addition to the one I reviewed, where the base/stand lays flat on the ground, there is a model that can be spiked into the ground.

  • Scoreband

    Scoreband Logo
    When the opportunity to review the ScoreBand was presented to me I was pretty ecstatic. Regardless if the product was any good I was getting myself a free watch.

    The product review turned out to be a win-win for me. A free watch that was actually really useful. In my opinion I think that the watch is also quite stylish. Take a look at their video to see what the Scoreband is all about.

    I tested the ScoreBand on two separate occasions… one tailgating related, the other non-tailgating related (though there was still beer involved).

    The first test was last weekend when I wore the Scoreband when my buddies and I went golfing. The ScoreBand has as “Golf Mode” that allows the user to keep track of each hole stroke with the simple touch of a button. Hit a shot, hit the top button of the watch to record the stroke. Sadly, with my golf game I was forced to hit the top button more often than I would have liked. Once the hole was completed all you had to do was hit and hold the bottom button to add the hole score to your overall score. The simplicity of the watch allows the user to keep accurate scores. Shots that would have been missed while the scorecard was in the golf cart are now captured. And for those folks whose math skills plummet after a few beers, the overall score feature of the ScoreBand allows for accurate score taking. The lightweight design (made of flexible and durable silicone material; snug fit) makes for a very comfortable wear that had no impact on my golf swing.

    The second test was this weekend during my Eagles game tailgate. During the tailgate I was able to use the “All Score Mode” on the ScoreBand. Unlike the “Golf Mode” where only a single player’s scores can be tracked, the “All Score Mode” allows you to keep the scores of two players or teams. I used the ScoreBand to track the score of our Cornhole games. The top and bottom buttons allow you to keep score for the different players. Every time that I would score I would hit the top button. Every time my buddy would score I would hit the bottom button. Keeping score on the ScoreBand eliminates the need to manually track scoring or track scoring on the counter attached to the Cornhole board. No bending down means no spilling of beer. Also, if your tailgating games are like mine accurate scoring means the correct person or team is taking their penalty for losing. In our case that is chugging a beer or two. For giggles I also tested the ability of the watch to withstand spilling of beer on the LCD display… it passed!

    Sure you can get by without a ScoreBand but for under thirty bucks why not simplify score keeping? Once the games are done there is no need to remove the watch as it can be worn for standard time keeping (hour and minute display). And with the watch always being worn there is no reason not to make new games in everyday activities. During a recent business meeting my colleagues and I made a game of shooting paper clips into an empty coffee mug. I was able to use the ScoreBand to keep score and earn myself a free lunch.

    Head over to www.scoreband.net for further product details, including the “Tennis Mode” feature. The product comes in multiple colors and includes a printable size guide.

    Burger Pocket Press

  • Platinum 7X Vodka

    Platinum 7X Vodka

    It was the first Eagles home game of the 2012 – 2013 Season and the first Tailgate. The weather was perfect for the early afternoon game and of course, the morning tailgate. The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze which took some of the heat off of the bright Philly sun.

    The parking lot was already half full when we pulled in at 9:30 and started setting up. We had decided on a “brunch” type menu of eggs, pork roll and sausage on our little grill, with Bloody Mary’s and Screwdrivers to start and finish along with our cigars. In the interest of “truth in drinking” I admit to using a mix for the Bloody Mary’s but fresh Orange Juice for the Screwdrivers. The key ingredient in both drinks, especially when tailgating, was, of course, the Vodka. For the Vodka, for the first time, I tried Platinum 7x. It’s from the Sazerac Company, and made in the US, with the 7x signifying that it was distilled seven times, leaving it a pure spirit. No flavoring, no taste, just plan, simple alcohol, as Vodka should be.

    Again, in the interest of “truth in drinking”, my straight or sipping liquor of choice is Scotch, but I have been known on occasion to take a shot or two of ice cold Vodka. With the plastic (yes, plastic, so it is lighter to carry and there is no danger of it falling off the tailgate and breaking) bottle still frosty from the night in the freezer and the ride down in the ice chest, I took a shot. Admittedly, it wasn’t as smooth as Tito’s or Belvedere, but it didn’t burn either. At about $10.00 for a 750 ml bottle, it was also half to a third of the cost and still a very drinkable vodka straight up. It was definitely more than comparable to other low to moderate ($10 – $15 a bottle) Vodkas like Sky or Smirnoff or Svedka, and most of them are distilled at the most 5 times.

    For the Bloody Mary mix and the Orange Juice, the Platinum 7x was a perfect mixer. The plastic bottle made it easy to handle and pour, and seemed to retain the chill. I personally never see the need or purpose in using a real premium Vodka for those drinks, but also don’t like to use anything that is too rough and burns. I later tried it at home, after the game, with some Tonic, and it made a very crisp and refreshing Vodka and Tonic to help relax, refresh and celebrate our first home game win.

    As they say though, don’t totally take my word for it. Try it yourself. For the price, I honestly don’t think that you can go wrong.

    Burger Pocket Press

  • Review: Spicebox Whisky

    SpiceBox Whisky
    I recently had the opportunity to sample Spicebox Canadian Spiced Whiskey, and became an instant fan.

    Opening the bottle, there is the distinctive aroma of vanilla. It’s not overwhelming, but definitely there, and I was anxious to pour and taste.

    First taste over ice reminded me of Spiced Rum, but with more of a “kick”, and with additional flavors of cinnamon and ginger peeking through. It struck me as a perfect sipping whiskey for somebody looking for a milder, sweeter alternative to regular whiskey or rye, or as an after dinner pour.

    Since it did remind me somewhat of Spiced Rum, a summer favorite of mine with cola, I next tried mixing it with cola. I was treated to a much more flavorful and potent Spiced Rum, or in this case, Spiced Rye and Cola.

    It also reminded me of another favorite, Vanilla Cola, but in this case, 80 proof Vanilla Cola!

  • Tiger’s Tooth Key Ring Bottle Opener

    Today’s product review (yes, I was compensated for the review) is a key ring bottle opener.  More specifically, the product is the Tiger’s Tooth Key Ring Bottle Opener.

    So as a reader you are probably thinking what makes this opener any different that your typical bottle opener.

    From looking at the product the obvious first answer is that is looks similar (if not identical) to your standard house key.  The Tiger’s Tooth Key Ring Bottle Opener fits right on your key chain and blends in with your other keys nicely.  As an added bonus there are also no concerns with having the opener pass through airport security (all though I am not sure if this was an original concern of yours anyway) as the opener accompanied me on a business trip to Indianapolis this past week (ha, I got to see the the place where the Eagles have no chance of going this year!).

    In addition to taking the opener on a business trip I was also able to test it out at last week’s Eagles tailgate / game.  Overall the Tiger’s Tooth Key Ring Bottle Opener tested strong, with only one minor drawback (which could even be attributed to me the user).

    • The opener was without flaw in opening our beer bottles.  From Pumpkin Ale to Blue Moon each cap came off without a hitch.
    • The opener was without flaw in starting the opening of our beer can tabs.  It saves you that annoying little pinch at the end of your finger tip when starting can tabs.
    • Oddly enough the opener also made a good “mini-knife” for cutting a hot dog roll.  Sure I had a regular knife, but why not put the opener to the full test.
    • Oddly enough (part II) was that the opener can also be used as a cigar cutter.  It doesn’t make the perfect cut, but the cut did the job and I experienced no issues with the smoking of the cigar.  Again, I had a cigar cutter, but why not put the opener to the full test.
    • Like any house key, the opener also did a good job of opening a taped box of plastic utensils (i.e., can be useful for opening any such boxes when you are too lazy to locate a pair of scissors).
    • The one drawback that I did experience is that the ease of the opener is impacted when you try to use it directly from your key chain.  In short, it becomes a bit awkward.  Sure, it still works to open bottles, just not as easily when it is removed from your key ring.

    So would this tailgater recommend the Tiger’s Tooth Key Ring Bottle Opener?


    It works and since it fits right on your key ring you will always have it.  You instantly become the hero when the question of “who has a bottle opener” is asked at the most random of times (yes, we have all been there).  As an added bonus the Tiger’s Tooth Bottle Opener can also be custom designed with your own artwork and information.  If I was a sales guy I think this would be a kick-ass marketing tool to leave with your potential customers.  It’s a constant reminder of your business and word of mouth spreads easily when it is used at parties and tailgates.

    If you want further information on the Tiger’s Tooth Key Ring Bottle Opener just click on over to their website.  There you will find information on ordering the opener (single or bulk) and a demonstration video on properly using the opener.  And remember, you can’t have bottoms-up, until your have bottles open (I couldn’t resist!).