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Avoid Bottle Confusion With Aqua Bling

Posted by Dave On September - 22 - 2009

When out tailgating, there is a tendency to forget which bottle is yours once you put it down. This happens quite frequently with bottles of water which are prevalent all around the tailgating parking lots. If there was only a way to easily identify whose bottle of water belonged to who? Enter Aqua Bling. A new way to identify your bottle of water while being stylish yet keeping you healthy while tailgating.

Aqua bling bottles

In the simplest of terms, think of Aqua Bling like a wine charm but for water bottles, soda bottles, beer bottles or glass mugs. The spring-loaded clips attach to the neck of any standard-sized bottle and are available in six charm styles and five blinged-out colors. Most of the styles would appeal to women in that the charms come in either butterfly, handbag, circle, cross, fleur-de-lis or special edition breast cancer awareness ribbon. They are made of durable zinc alloy and are finished in your choice of gold, chrome or gunmetal overlay. The charm styles contain jewel insets in blue, green, pink, red and white gems in order to appeal to a wide variety of tailgaters. They are designed to fit any standard sized water or soda bottle and the total product weight is .8 oz.

My wife and mother-in-law are always drinking bottles of water so Aqua Bling was the perfect tailgating idea for them. They were always asking me “which bottle is mine?”. Now that I got them the Aqua Bling, I no longer field that question anymore. I snapped a few photos of the Aqua Bling charms so you can see the detail and function of them. (Click on the images for a larger view)

Aqua bling 01Aqua bling 02Aqua bling 03

For individual purchase of Aqua Bling prices range from $6.99 for the circles style to $12.99 for the limited special ribbon Aqua Bling. Each one comes in your choice of colored gem stone. You could even get an Aqua Pack which is a set of five Aqua Blings in a reusable tin canister which includes a single charm style in all five colors. That will run you $34.95.

So if you have lady tailgaters joining you and you want to avoid the questions of “which one is my bottle”, get some Aqua Bling. The time you save trying to figure out which bottle belongs to whom is worth it alone. Consider all the the money you will save if you can prevent your tailgate party guests from opening up a fresh bottle because they can’t find the last one that is probably half finished.

For more information on Aqua Bling or to get some of your own, visit myaquabling.com.

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2 Responses to “Avoid Bottle Confusion With Aqua Bling”

  1. levitate says:

    can’t say im a fan of this.

  2. “HOT” Tailgating Products for 2009 « Tailgating Blog says:

    […] Aqua Bling – Have you ever heard of the term “bottle confusion”? It happens quite a bit while tailgating. Bottle confusion is the act of putting down your beer bottle or bottled water next to others bottles and then coming back to wonder which one was yours. Rather than risk drinking out of someone elses bottle you then go to the cooler to get a fresh one leaving your half drank bottle to get poured out at the end of the tailgate. What a waste! I recently discovered Aqua Bling which eliminates bottle confusion. Think of Aqua Bling like a wine charm only these are spring loaded and fit perfectly around the top of a standard bottle. In all honesty, Aqua Bling will appeal more to female tailgaters because the styles come in butterfly, handbag, circle, cross, fleur-de-lis or special edition breast cancer awareness ribbon. Then again it seems that women are the ones drinking the lions share of bottled water while tailgating so it makes sense Aqua Bling would cater to their tastes. Individual Aqua Bling bottle charms range in price from $6.99 for the circles style to $12.99 for the limited special breast cancer awareness ribbon. For more information on Aqua Bling, visit: http://www.tailgatingideas.com/aqua-bling/ […]





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