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Posted by Dave On February - 5 - 2012

“Out of all of my advertisements, I get the most new users from TailgatingIdeas.com.”

– JP Ragon
Owner of Cornhole.com

“I’ve tried numerous other advertising mediums online and I have found advertising with TailgatingIdeas.com brings in the highest qualified traffic. When comparing advertisements I have done on other websites, my conversion on traffic coming from Tailgating Ideas is double than anywhere else.”

– Max Burns
Creator of the Z-Bench

Out of sight, Out of mind, Out of business.”

– The Wall Street Journal

Why Advertise on TailgatingIdeas.com?

Did you know that over 50 million people go tailgating in America each year? Tailgating is one of the fastest growing pastimes in America and has grown into a multi-billion dollar a year business. Why else do you think major Fortune 500 corporations like Kingsford, Bud Light, Bush’s Baked Beans, Allstate Insurance, Johnsonville Sausages, Pepsi Cola and Wal-Mart have all created ad campaigns targeting tailgaters? It’s because they know that tailgaters are brand loyal and have disposable income. Now reaching the avid and highly motivated tailgating public has never been easier or more affordable than advertising on TailgatingIdeas.com.

Did you know…**

  • 79% of tailgaters are male.
  • 81% of tailgaters are between the ages of 25-54.
  • 95% of tailgaters prepare their food at the stadium or arena.
  • 57% of tailgaters have household incomes $75,000 or more.
  • 71% of tailgaters have college and/or advanced degrees.
  • 82% of tailgaters own their own home.
  • 71% of tailgaters are married.
  • 69% of tailgaters are parents.
  • 90% of tailgaters have broadband/high speed Internet connections.
  • 42% of tailgaters spend over $500 a season on food and tailgating gear.

If your business appeals to tailgaters, you need to advertise on TailgatingIdeas.com.

Ready to get started? Pricing and placement options are as follows:


Header Banner – One (1) 468 x 60 banner. First ad a visitor sees. Guaranteed “above the fold” no matter what screen resolution the visitor is using: $250 per month. (Click image for larger view.)

Advertising Header Banner on TailgatingIdeas.com

Featured Video – One (1) online video embedded in the sidebar and remains in that spot for seven (7) days: $25 per seven (7) days. (Click image for larger view.)

Advertising Video Placement on TailgatingIdeas.com

Zone A – Four (4) 125 x 125 square buttons: $100 per button, per month. (Click image for larger view.)

Advertising Zone A on TailgatingIdeas.com

Zone B – 120 x 600 vertical skyscraper banners: $50 per banner per month. (Click image for larger view.)

Advertising Zone B on TailgatingIdeas.com

Zone C – One (1) 468 x 60 horizontal banner placed at the end of any article : $10 per banner. Banner will remain attached to the article for the lifespan of the article. (Click Image for larger view.)

Advertising Zone C on TailgatingIdeas.com

All advertising zones (Zone C is the only exception) are visible and appear on every page of the TailgatingIdeas.com website. Custom packages and discounts are available for quantity/commitment purchases.

(All advertising images must be non-flash and of reasonable file size. Image formats supported are JPEG, GIF and PNG.)

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**Statistics courtesy of Tailgating.com and Tailgater Monthly





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