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A Different Sweet Sixteen

Posted by Chris On March - 19 - 2010

With all the Day 1 upsets this fan’s bracket has gone straight down the crapper (thanks for showing up Georgetown!).  So with my interest in the NCAA Basketball tournament quickly fading, I thought why not focus on a different kind of “Sweet Sixteen.”

I have reviewed Dave’s recent “Eye Candy” and “Babes” posts and I give you my final sixteen, with commentary included at no additional fee…

  1. Snow Bunny Girl:  She could definitely use some warming up.
  2. Stogie Girl:  First, she was dedicated to me.  Second, she enjoys a good cigar.  Enough said!
  3. Anna Burns: She was Miss Hooters International 2005 and we can all see why!
  4. Southern Hotties:  One word…Twins!
  5. Removed  (It’s a Long story)
  6. Santa’s Helper: It’s the season of giving, so can we assume that she is a giver?!?
  7. Katelynn Johnson: In the spirit of college athletics I give you Katelynn.
  8. Packers’ Girl: Don’t you wish your favorite NFL team had a TE this good.
  9. Meghan Black:  Maybe those are “beer goggles” she is wearing.  Maybe you have a chance.
  10. UCLA Cheerleader: Now I am really upset that UCLA didn’t make the tournament.
  11. Natalie Marie: She’s already ready for an entire weekend spent on the couch watching basketball.
  12. Arkansas Girl: As a bonus she likes both baseball and football!
  13. Volunteer Nation: A picture says a thousand words.
  14. Melany Lorenzo: Chalk board equals school girl fantasies.
  15. Oktoberfest Girl: All the beer without the beer belly!
  16. Kim Kardashian: Maybe you could keep her company during all those Saints away games?

I’ll leave it up to you to come up with the official rankings.

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One Response to “A Different Sweet Sixteen”

  1. Dave says:

    That’s a nice sweet 16. Pretty tough bracket when Kim Kardashian is a No. 16 seed.





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