Fantasy & Pick ‘Em Results: NFL Week #5

I have good news and bad news. First the good news. I posted my first win in Cuzoogle’s Pigskin Picks Contest. Okay, so I won by virtue of a tie breaker and all of the other prognosticators had a pretty bad week. Never the less, I went 9 wins and 5 losses on the week and my ad will remain on the sidebar of Cuzoogle for at least a week. Here is the breakdown of how everyone did.

1. Tailgating Ideas 9-5 (tiebreak win)
2. Waiting for Next Year 9-5
3. NESW Sports 9-5
4. The Sports Lounge 9-4
5. Chocolate Dog Blog 8-6
6. GrandmasterB 8-6
7. Don Chavez 8-6
8. Brahsome 8-6
9. Cover2 8-6
10. Sports Opinion 7-7
11. Juiced Sports 7-7
12. Women like Sports 7-7
13. The Sports Dollar 7-7
14. Zoner Sports 7-7
15. My Sports Rumors 7-7
16. The Blue Workhorse 7-7
17. Yep Yep 7-7
18. NE Patriots Draft 7-7
19. Mac Gs World 6-8
20. Buzz Pirates 6-8
21. MachoChip 5-9
22. Busted Coverage 5-9
23. Inside Plays 4-10

Now for the bad news… My fantasy team over at the NFLJuice Fantasy Football League did not do as well. We got beat out by The Hazean which is not too shameful considering they specialize in fantasy football advice. Here’s hoping next we’ll rebound and get back to .500.

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One Response to “Fantasy & Pick ‘Em Results: NFL Week #5”

  1. <path_to_url> Michael from The Hazean

    It was not a pretty win for us against your team. I thought you would win on Monday night actually, but who in the world thought the Saints’ defense would shut down Adrian Peterson?!?