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Method for Perfect Grilled Ribs

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Source: Fix.com

Kickstarter Project: The Boozie

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For the booze smuggling crowd, this one looks like a slam dunk if it can get funded.

If interested in being a part of this project and possibly funding it, you can learn more HERE.

Video Recipe: Beer Can Burgers

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Here is a tailgating recipe sure to piss off the vegans and the “healthy tailgating” food crowd. You’ve heard of beer can chicken? Here are Beer Can Burgers courtesy of BBQ Pit Boys.

For those concerned that the beer is not being used in the recipe, make sure to drink copious amounts while these burgers are grilling for an hour…

Fan Hands

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Fan Hands Black
Fans and tailgaters are always trying to find ways to enhance the noise and enthusiasm they bring each and every game for their team. Cowbells are popular in the south along with those inflatable “thunder sticks” you see at baseball games all the time. Even mini-megaphones to make your voice louder are popular. But what if there was a way to enhance and make your two hands when clapping, even louder?

We were introduced to a new product called Fan Hands. Fan Hands are colored gloves that have plastic pieces on the palms and fingers to enhance your clap and make it louder. You don’t have to clap any harder to make them work. Just clap your hands together normally and the plastic pieces striking each other emit a louder sound than just skin on skin. Take a look.

The videos were shot in the student section at a Colgate soccer match and you can see and hear the Fan Hands enhanced the clap and made the student section louder.

We were sent a sample of Fan Hands gloves and tested them out for ourselves. (Disclaimer: We received a sample of Fan Hands. The fact this sample was provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

The first concern was, would the plastic pieces on the palms and fingers hurt your hands on the inside when clapping? The answer to that was no. Our hands felt the same had we been clapping and applauding using just our hands skin on skin.

The second question was, would they really make a pair of clapping hands louder? The answer was yes. We tried clapping using them in different ways and found that even if you were not clapping that hard, the Fan Hands make the sound louder no matter how hard you clap your hands together. Even a “golf clap” was substantially louder than without the Fan hands.

After thoroughly testing the Fan Hands for ourselves, we are going to deem them “Tailgate Approved”. They are small enough to put in your pocket to carry into the game and are easily put on or taken off when you want them on on off. Priced at under $10, they are affordable too. They come in a variety of team colors including purple, orange, maroon, Kelly green, dark green, yellow, royal blue, navy blue, pink and black.

To learn more about Fan Hands or to buy some for you and your tailgating group, visit: FanHands.com.

New Formula for Kingsford Original Briquettes

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I always get excited around Memorial Day.  Obviously the remembrance of those men and women who have given so much of themselves for the betterment of our country needs to be at the forefront of any activities.  However I feel it is also important to remember that because of their sacrifice we have the ability to freely enjoy the holiday.   Memorial Day also marks the beginning of the summer season for so many people, and it is also attributed with the beginning of grilling season.


Those of you who plan on cooking out this weekend for the first time this year, not many of you I’m sure, might notice that the bag of Kingsford Original Briquettes (Blue Bag for those of you in the BBQ world) that you pick up at the store is a little lighter than last year.  The reason for this is that Kingsford has a new formula in 2015 which reduces the weight of each piece, but maintains roughly the same number of briquettes per bag.

Any time there is talk of getting less of a product, it is only logical to wonder how that will affect whatever that product is involved with.  The good folks at Kingsford were kind enough to send me a complimentary bag of their newly formulated briquettes for a test cook.  I’m happy to say that I didn’t notice enough of a difference to change my opinion of the product. It seemed like the coals didn’t last quite as long, but a lot of variables affect that sort of thing, and after one cook it wouldn’t be proper to suggest that it was the new formula responsible for that change.

Full disclosure, I did not do a big detailed comparison experiment using older briquettes as a control.  If you’re looking for that sort of thing you can find a great in depth review here.   Based on my own uncontrolled test, the results seem to coincide.

So if you’re stocking up on charcoal this weekend and notice that the bags of Kingsford feel a little lighter this is why. Despite the change I still feel that Kingsford Original is still very much “Tailgate Approved.”  I suspect the most detailed grillers will likely notice any change between the two formulas when it comes to the actual performance of the product.




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