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Kingsford Fantasy Football Draft Contest

Posted by Brandon On August - 30 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

While it’s not exactly tailgating per se, fantasy football has become as much of the football experience as tailgating.   Since they’re so intertwined it’s not a stretch for a company like Kingsford to begin to merge some of those various components of football fandom together.  In fact that’s precisely what they’ve done this year with this their fantasy football draft party campaign.




“Draft day.  A day for some ribs, and some ribbing.”  A quick glance at the material on the dedicated page shows that Kingsford believes that your fantasy football draft and tailgating should share at least one common element, grilling.   What we like about this page is that it not only has a tool to generate invitations for the draft, and at the same time earning a coupon towards future Kingsford charcoal purchases, but also a contest in which you can win some cool prizes.   Prizes include:


  • Kingsford Fantasy Football Trophy
  • Kingsford Folding Tailgate Chair
  • Coupon for a Free Bag of Kingsford
  • Collapsible Chimney Starter
  • GoBQ Grill (or alternate grill)
  • $50 Fanatics.com Gift Card

If you’re interested in learning more you can visit their site, which you should to read the rules,  but entry is pretty straightforward. You can enter in one of 3 ways:

  • Following @Kingsford on Twitter and tweeting your photo along with the hashtag #KingsfordDraftContest or
  • Following @Kingsford on Instagram and posting your photo along with the hashtag #KingsfordDraftContest or
  • Visiting our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kingsfordcharcoal and replying to our fantasy football contest post with your photo.

So if you’re hosting the draft at your place this year consider partaking in the contest, a quick picture which someone probably would have taken anyway could be your ticket to some cool prizes.



The 6 craziest tailgating foods on the planet

Posted by Dan Stern On August - 25 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

I guarantee you’ve seen posts about the top recipes for tailgating food. Maybe post for the top recipes for tailgating appetizers. But I’m sure you’d be hard pressed to find a post about the craziest food you can bring to your tailgate. Good thing we did it for you! And we promise, people will actually love these foods.

Bacon wrapped Oreos

Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post

1. Bacon Wrapped Oreos – Honestly, it’s un-American to not like bacon-wrapped Oreos. I mean, look at them!!! You get literally every flavor imaginable from eating one of those bad boys. Make sure you check out the recipe and bring them to your next tailgate. Your friends will thank you.

Insanely hot chicken wings

Photo courtesy of sausagekingofseattle Flickr

2. Insanely Hot Chicken Wings – Everyone loves chicken wings, and we found a unique recipe that will get your mouth watering and tongue burning. It includes mango, habanero peppers, and ginger. This recipe is NOT for the weak. But if you can handle it, you’ll win some hardcore admirers at your tailgate. It’s just the sauce, so make sure to find some tasty chicken wings to marinate!

Chocholate Chili

Photo courtesy of All You

3. Chocolate Chili – Again, chili is a classic and a must at any staple. But chocolate in chili? Are you crazy?? Actually, according to allyou.com, adding a bar of Hershey chocolate really melds the flavors together, and most people can’t even tell! Definitely worth a try.

Spicy Taco Cheese Ball

Photo courtesy of Allrecipes

4. Spicy Taco Cheese Ball – Perfect for dipping and definitely a nice change of pace from the typical salsa. These are also insanely easy to make and super spicy. Make sure you get some for yourself at the tailgate! We guarantee you these taco cheese balls will be a huge hit.

Mauio Onion Pineapple Relish

Photo courtesy of celebrations.com

5. Maui Onion and Pineapple Relish – The name says it all. So this one isn’t too crazy, but instead of feeling like you’re surrounded by thousands of other screaming fans (and let’s be real, you definitely are one of them) this dish will whisk you away to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. It’s sweet and savory and tastes incredible on top of your perfectly cooked burgers or dogs. Check out the recipe at celebrations.com.

Cowboy Caviar

Photo courtesy of DitchTheDrive-Thru

6. Cowboy Caviar – Now of course this isn’t real caviar. But it’ll be so damn good people will think you paid a fortune for the ingredients to make it. Actually, it’s really just a base of black beans, black-eyed peas, corn, and tomatoes. You can check out the full recipe from allrecipes.com. It goes perfect with tortilla chips. Make sure to bring a ton of bags.

What other crazy foods do you bring to your tailgates? Let us know what else we might have missed in the comments below.

College football tailgating is coming in nine days

Naked Pong

Posted by Dave On August - 22 - 2015ADD COMMENTS
Girl playing strip beer pong

Photo courtesy of theCHIVE

Ever played strip poker? How about Strip Beer Pong? The rules are quite similar but the game play is a little different. We recently discovered a product called Naked Pong that takes beer pong to a whole new level.

Naked pong three sheets

Naked Pong is a sticker pack that has symbols and instructions you place on the bottom of your beer pong cups. Once a ball is sunk into a cup, the opposing player drinks the contents and then turns over the cup to reveal the consequence. Consequences range from remove a piece of clothing, the shooter needs to remove a piece of clothing, the player adds a piece of clothing or the player is safe and does not have to do anything. The stickers for removing a piece of clothing identify if it should be an upper body or lower body piece of clothing.

It’s pretty simple and you may or may not be able to play Naked Pong while tailgating, but you surely can back at the fraternity house. Arrange the cups any way you like and make sure to put the sticker that tells your opponent to remove their own piece of clothing in an easy to hit cup, like the head cup or the bitch cup. Make the cups that make you take off your clothes underneath the harder to make cups.

Naked Pong is $7.00 for a sticker pack of 20 which includes enough stickers for both set of cups in a 10 cup game of beer pong.

Proof: Sneaky Flasks Work

Posted by Dave On August - 21 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

For years now, we have been telling you how to save money on the rising costs of attending sporting events and concerts by tailgating ahead of time. Eating and drinking in the parking lot is a fraction of the cost you would pay for food and drinks inside a stadium or arena. The same goes for being able to bring in your own alcohol despite it being frowned upon or outright banned at venues. That is why many people have chosen to smuggle in their own booze using a variety of stealth drinking vessels we commonly call sneaky flasks.

The biggest question we get is, “Yeah, they look great, but do they really work?”. Pictures are worth 1000’s of words.

Those two flasks were smuggled into Qualcomm Stadium before the Chargers/Cowboys pre-season game last week. Despite the NFL’s Clear Bag Policy, we were able to smuggle in 26 oz of liquor inside the stadium between an Ice Pack Flask and the Hair Spray Flask. We even posed with a security guard and asked him to take a photo demonstrating we were using the correct bag to enter an NFL stadium. Unbeknownst to him, the clear bag contained two flasks with liquor inside (and a few sealed water bottles to complete the ruse.).

NFL CLear Bag with flasks

This poor security guard had no idea this clear bag approved by the NFL included two stealth flasks.

Need more proof these sneaky flasks make it into venues where BYOB is discouraged or banned?

More picture proof:

As my old college football coach used to say, “The eye in the sky doesn’t lie”. All of these photos are not doctored and were taken inside venues that ban BYOB. The proof is out there and these picture prove it.

If you want to save some money while tailgating and attending events, you can buy these sneaky flask shown here and many more in our online store, shop.tailgatingideas.com or Spring Break 24-7.




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