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Luminoodle Light Rope

Posted by Dave On October - 19 - 2016ADD COMMENTS


The days are getting shorter and the availability of daylight while tailgating is getting more scarce. Just wait until the United States turns back the clocks in a few weeks and it will start getting dark much earlier. That’s why we were glad to discover the Luminoodle Light Rope.

The Luminoodle is a flexible, waterproof, illumination source that provides a bright, spread out light to light up your nighttime tailgate. Luminoodle comes with universal ties, embedded magnets, a utility loop and a lantern bag so you can stick, strap, hook or hang it to add light to your tailgating space. It is powered by any USB battery or power source so there is no worry about not having a power source in the middle of the parking lot.

We recently had the opportunity to test out the Luminoodle Light Rope at a recent San Diego Chargers game. After the game was over, the parking lot is always a mess and takes a while to let the parking lot traffic die down. A perfect opportunity to test the Luminoodle Light Rope in the dark as we let the parking lot empty out.

(Disclaimer: We received a sample of the Luminoodle Light Rope free of charge. The fact this sample was provided to us for free in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

As you can see in the photo gallery above, the Luminoodle Light Rope does a great job lighting up our tailgating space. We easily attached the Luminoodle Light Rope to our vehicle’s lift gate and the entire space was lit up. We also liked the fact that the power source has LED lights within it. You can point it in a direction and use it as a flashlight. We used it to look in the cooler and find a soda rather than a beer, because we were going to be driving once the parking lot emptied out. The light was great and we didn’t freeze our hand off fishing for a can until we found the one we wanted.

Once the parking lot cleared out and it was time to head home. The Luminoodle Light Rope was easily packed up, wound up into a circle and placed in the carrying bag. As many of us know, whenever a product arrives brand new, getting it back into the original packaging is next to impossible. Not with the Luminoodle Light Rope. Unpacking and packing it away was simple and fast.

Some major features of the Luminoodle Light Rope:

  • ULTRA BRIGHT: 5 ft. (1.5 m) LED strip produces 180 lumens of light.
  • HANG ANYWHERE: Universal Ties, magnets, & utility loop for easy hanging.
  • LANTERN MODE: Rip-stop nylon carry bag designed to diffuse light
  • USB-POWERED: Works with any USB port or universal battery pack
  • WATERPROOF: IP-67 rated (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes)

After taking it tailgating and thoroughly putting the Luminoodle Light Rope through it’s paces, it is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. The 5′ version will cost you less than $20 and for a total of 10 feet, is less than $30 if purchased directly from Amazon.

For more information or to purchase directly from the manufacturer (price is the same as on Amazon), visit Power Practical.


Giveaway: King Luge “No Mess” Booze Luge

Posted by Dave On October - 11 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

King Luge Booze luge Ice Mold Featured

Everyone loves winning something. It’s especially awesome if it is something that takes your tailgate to the next level. That’s why we are giving away a King Luge “No Mess” Dual-Track Ice Luge Mold complete with the lighting kit on Instagram.

How can you win one? It’s really simple and the best part, it’s FREE!

1. Check us out on Instagram. Either on your phone or on the web, doesn’t matter. Once there, check out the photo of the King Luge “No Mess” Dual-Track Ice Luge Mold. HINT: It looks identical to the photo above.

2. Comment on the photo and tag someone you think would love to get a King Luge for free.

3. After commenting and tagging, you are now entered into our random drawing and so is the person you tagged. The more people you tag, the better your chances of winning.

It’s that simple. Keep in mind, just hitting “like” is great and we appreciate it but will not enter you to win the King Luge. You will need to comment and tag another Instagram user in order to be entered into the random drawing.

If you would rather not risk it and want a sure thing, you can always buy your own King Luge “No Mess” Dual-Track Ice Luge Mold from our online tailgating gear store.

You have until Friday, October 14, 2016 to comment and tag in order to be placed into the random drawing. Good luck and to see the King Luge in action, check out the video below:

Tailgating: Making America Great Again

Posted by Dave On October - 7 - 2016ADD COMMENTS
(Photo By Douglas Graham/Wild Light Photos)

(Photo By Douglas Graham/Wild Light Photos)

Deeply entrenched in the Presidential election season, there has been much debate on how to improve America. Questions on if America can be considered great or if it ever was great in our history about in this politically charged season. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, one thing that is irrefutable is that tailgating, is making America great again.

Most people think back to a simpler time when we felt safe in our neighborhoods, we felt comfortable being around our family and friends and we lived carefree (not carelessly). No matter if that time was post WWII 1950’s, the Summer of Love in the 60’s, the “Living in Oblivion” 1980’s or another time in your life that holds a special place for you, we all want those times to return. And it dawned on me that through tailgating, those times we all cherish are embodied in tailgating.

This past Sunday prior to the San Diego Chargers vs. New Orleans Saints game, I took my eight year old son with me. We tailgated of course but despite not meeting up with the regular folks we normally tailgate with, we experienced a piece of Americana that has been missing for too long. A number of individual experiences all occurred within a three hours time span that reminded me of better times from the past.

The following is a primer on how things used to be back in the day, the time when people thought America was great, a comparison to nowadays and also how tailgating returns us to a simpler time.

Old America: Kids playing in the neighborhood until the street lights came on.
Nowadays: Kids locked up inside the house for fear of some random white van pulling up kidnapping the children off the front lawn.
Tailgating: This past weekend, there were kids all over the parking lot. They were out and getting some sunshine and tossing the football with each other. Parents were keeping an eye on the kids but they didn’t hover over them like helicopters and actually didn’t freak out if their kids talked to a stranger in the next parking space.

Old America: Kids going next door and asking “Can Jimmy come out and play”.
Nowadays: Organized play dates that resemble the spontaneity of cosmetic surgery.
Tailgating: Parked across from us was a family with four kids. One of the dads suggested the kids come over to our tailgating space and ask my son if he wanted to join them in tossing the football. My son accepted their invitation and gladly tossed the football around. The other dad came over and organized a game of street football right there between the parking stalls. I even heard the familiar call, “CAR!”, signaling the game needed to be suspended for 10 seconds while a car made it’s way to find a parking space. The kids all retreated to a safe spot along the sides of the roadway and then quickly resumed the game as if nothing had happened.

Old America: When baking a cake and short on an ingredient, going next door to a neighbor’s house to borrow a cup of sugar.
Nowadays: Getting in your car and driving to the store to buy that bag of sugar.
Tailgating: While tailgating, once you are parked, you are parked for the long haul. There is no pulling up stakes and running to the convenience store for more ice. I witnessed numerous times tailgating neighbors go to each other asking to borrow some mustard they apparently left at home or even some lighter fluid for their charcoal grill. Every single time, the tailgating neighbors gladly offered up the use of the missing items and even told them they could keep it as long as they liked. These were complete strangers until they parked next to each other and quickly became fast friends.

Old America: Friends with neighbors and invite them over for meals.
Nowadays: Only acknowledge your neighbors if you happen to check your mailboxes at the same time.
Tailgating: While tailgating and as more tailgaters trickled into the parking lot, the empty parking stalls started to fill up. Each time a new tailgater parked, they would exit their vehicle and introduce themselves to the folks that were parked next to them. Hearty handshakes between complete strangers occurred just because they chose to park in an empty space next to them.

Old America: Helping a neighbor fix their car in the garage.
Nowadays: “Sorry man, don’t you have Triple A?”
Tailgating: After the game was over and we made our way back to our car, we noticed a car parked near us with the hood up. (An apparent dead battery probably from playing their car radio for three hours prior to the game.) Instead of rushing to sit in traffic, the car with it’s nose facing the distressed vehicle popped it’s hood for a jump start. Neither vehicle had jumper cables and they both asked others around them if they could borrow jumper cables. Thankfully they didn’t have to ask for very long because another tailgater offered up the use of the jumper cables and even helped out to ensure the stranded vehicle got the proper jump. After the car was successfully started, they all shook hands and got in their cars and proceeded to the exits.

All of these instances were observed in the relatively short period of time while tailgating prior to the game and immediately afterwards. Whether your political leanings are left, right or middle of the road, you can’t deny that tailgating is one experience that shows how American culture can be good and decent to your fellow man, even if that tailgater is wearing the opposing team’s jersey.

Tailgating is truly making America great again.


Swimmer Duo Bluetooth Speaker from Polk BOOM

Posted by Dave On September - 30 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

Duo Swimmer Speaker featured
No matter where you are, the beach, backyard BBQ and especially tailgating, having good tunes to accompany and enhance your experience is a must. But music in the great outdoors inherently has its hazards between the natural elements and a place to put the source where your sound will be emitting. Good thing we recently discovered the Swimmer Duo Bluetooth Speaker from Polk BOOM and took it tailgating.

As you can see in the video, the Swimmer Duo Bluetooth Speaker from Polk BOOM is a small yet powerful portable bluetooth speaker that is resistant to the elements and can be taken anywhere. The two different attachment accessories allow you to wrap the “tail” around anything like a chair armrest, a backpack strap or even your pop-up tent leg. The suction cup attachment allows you to stick the speaker on any flat surface like a car window or the inside of the shower since it is waterproof.

(Disclaimer: We received a sample of the Swimmer Duo Bluetooth Speaker from Polk BOOM free of charge. The fact this sample was provided to us for free in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

We took the Swimmer Duo Bluetooth Speaker from Polk BOOM tailgating to test it out. We chose to attach it to our pop up tent and also use the suction cup attachment and stick it to our tailgating vehicle. The bendable tail made it very convenient to hang it from the tent frame or even wrap it around the tent leg. The suction cup worked best against a glass window but could also be suctioned to the metal of the car.

While tailgating, we wanted to test the range and strength of the Bluetooth capabilities. With music playing, we walked away from the tailgating space to see how far away we could get before the sound started cutting out. We walked about 12 to 13 parking spaces away from ours before the music started to cut out. Pretty good range if you ask us. You could walk away from your tailgate with your phone playing music in your pocket and assuming the port-a-potty was about 100 feet away, you could keep the music going without having to leave your phone behind. (We suggest you resist using your phone in the port-a-potty for obvious reasons…)

The volume and sound levels were quite impressive for such a small package. The ability to pair two of these speakers for true stereo sound is also a bonus. This little guy may be small but it super durable. It is waterproof, shockproof and dirtproof. That’s the winning combination to make it more than welcome at any tailgate.

After thoroughly testing out the Swimmer Duo Bluetooth Speaker from Polk BOOM, it is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. The fact that this little speaker is waterproof and can be placed just about anywhere, it is perfectly at home at any tailgate party. No worries that your friend’s shotgun fail will ruin the speaker if it gets beer spray or worrying where to find table space to place the speaker. The ability to wrap it around your tent frame allows the music to come down into your tailgate party area and not just from one side.

If purchased directly from Polk BOOM, the Swimmer Duo Bluetooth Speaker costs $59.99 and comes in four different colors. It is also available from Amazon for $26.95. Buy two for true stereo sound from Amazon and they will ship them for free.


Video: BarGating in Orange County

Posted by Dave On September - 28 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

On a weekend when the Chargers were on the road and there is no local college football team, we decided to head out and hit up a few local bars and do a little football “BarGating”. Here is our video we shot.

Hey, this is Dave from TailgatingIdeas.com. Normally we would be out tailgating but today we are BarGating, thanks to a website we found called http://www.teambarfinder.com/

We are here in Orange County, California and even though Orange County doesn’t have a college football team, it doesn’t mean that there is not pockets of enthusiasm for college football everywhere.

We took a Saturday in September and traveled around Orange County checking out team bars that are favorable to fans that are still loyal to their team, even if they no longer live near their favorite team’s city.

In search of transplanted college football fans we first stopped in at Hooters in Costa Mesa where the SoCal Gator Club gathers to watch University of Florida games.

We then scooted down to Newport Beach where there is a heavy concentration of team bars including Malarkey’s – home of Notre Dame fans,

Newport Beach Brewing Company which is primarily a Wisconsin Badgers team bar but also plays host to Penn State and Michigan State fans.

And we also had a chance to stop in at Avila’s El Ranchito home to displaced Colorado Buffaloes fans.

We then rounded out our college football team bar tour at JT Schmidt’s in Tustin where Oregon Ducks fans gather to watch the games together.

So there we have it. We have five locations that we hit. We hit Florida, Penn State, Notre Dame, Oregon and also Colorado. And that’s just NCAA here in Orange County. All from out of the area. Tomorrow, we are going to check out where the fans gather and we’re going to check out the Browns and the Buffalo Bills. So stay tuned for that.

On Sunday, our first stop was back to Costa Mesa at Patrick’s Pub, home of the Cleveland Browns Backers of Orange County. Although the Cleveland Browns didn’t have a stellar first half in their game against the Dolphins, the Browns Backers were still out in force to support their Browns from over twenty three hundered miles away.

We’re here at Patrick’s Pub here in Costa Mesa, California home of the Cleveland Browns Backers. We are going to head over to Huntington Beach to Wings ‘N Things, home of the Buffalo Bills Backers and check out that place.

Apparently Wings ‘N Things is going though an ownership change but they understood that the Buffalo Bills Backers here in Orange County needed to find a place to have a new team bar. They switched it over to Silky Sullivan’s here in the Fountain Valley area. And we arrived just in time for a Bills touchdown.

Being able to hit seven different team bars in a weekend was all possible after discovering the website TeamBarFinder.com. Team Bar Finder lists bars and restaurants friendly to out of town fans no matter how far away they may be from their favorite team’s home base. If you can’t make it to the game and tailgate, going to TeamBarFinder.com is the next best thing to being at the stadium.






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