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Camo Caps

Posted by Dave On July - 28 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Camo Caps before and After

One of our more popular blog post that taken in thousands upon thousands of visitors despite being almost two years old is the best ways to smuggle alcohol post from August 2013. Apparently there are quite a few tailgaters out there looking to bring in their own hooch past security in order to save a little money on the inside.

We recently discovered a new product that helps the booze smuggling nation do it in a smarter way and a means that will slip past security without detection. They are called Camo Caps and they are an ingenious way to re-seal your open water bottles. We did a video demonstration on how these little guys work.

As you saw in the video, the package includes six (6) Camo Caps that will reseal opened water bottles with any clear liquor inside. Most stadiums and venues will allow you to bring in your own water bottles as long as the cap is still sealed. These little Camo Caps will slip by security undetected and priced at $5.00 for a package of six, they pay for themselves the first time you use them.

We got our Camo Caps from Spring Break 24-7.

Cooler2See Four Colors

I know what you are thinking. “Oh great. Another beer koozie review. What could they possibly do to improve the beer koozie to warrant another product review?”. That’s an outstanding question and normally if it was not something that fell into the “that’s pretty damn cool” category, we would have probably passed on this one. But fortunately for you, this beverage koozie has a lot more bells and whistles than just keeping your can or bottle cold.

First off, take a look at the video we put together demonstrating it and reviewing it.

As you saw in the video, the Cooler2See Magnetic Koozie with LED Flashlight is multifunctional in that not only does it keep your can or bottle cold but it also has magnets and a built-in LED flashlight. Magnetic anything is pretty cool while out tailgating because you are always going to be close to something metal, normally your car/truck/SUV and all of those vehicles have large surface areas to place magnetic things. You saw in the video we had two of the Cooler2See koozies stuck to the official Tailgating Ideas van and we had plenty of room for more.

Another aspect of having magnets embedded into your koozie is you will never lose your bottle opener. If you won’t be using the magnets to stick the koozie on your vehicle, you can always put your metal bottle opener on the side of your koozie. This way you never have to ask “who has the bottle opener?” or go searching for it all over the tailgating space.

Purple Cooler2See with Bottle Opener on side

Some tailgaters may be a bit leery placing magnets on their car’s finish but that won’t exclude those tailgaters from using the Cooler2See koozie. Instead of using your car to hold your koozies, stick them on the leg of your pop-up tent. The majority of the pop-up tent’s legs are made from magnetic metals and now you just have to remember which color your Cooler2See is if everyone is drinking the same brand.

So we covered the part about it keeping your drink cold. Check. The part about it has magnets and can be placed on metal surfaces? Check. How about the LED flashlight on the bottom? Not yet, but here it comes.

Cooler2See flashlight on grillThe Cooler2See gets it’s name from the fact that on the bottom it has powerful LED lights that are super bright and compare with any flashlight out there on the market. When I learned about the Cooler2See before even getting my hands on the samples, my mind immediately thought of all the times I have been tailgating and needed a light. Those times when we are post-game tailgating and letting the parking lot empty to avoid the traffic. I could use a flashlight to check on the grill to make sure the second round of brats are cooked properly. The Cooler2See allows me to do that AND I don’t have to put down my drink. What about those times when it is dark and I want another beverage from the cooler and I can’t see if I am grabbing a beer or a soda because it is too dark? The Cooler2See solves that problem too.

Cooler2See flashlight in cooler

The possibilities go beyond just tailgating. Think about going camping. Sitting by the campfire at a neighboring campsite and you need to go to the restroom or back to your campsite. No need to take a flashlight with you because the Cooler2See LED lights on the bottom are plenty bright to light your way. Camping, fishing, off-roading, hunting. Any activity you can think of that might require a flashlight and drinking, the Cooler2See has combined the two for you.

Cooler2See while off-roadingWe were sent a few samples of the Kooler2See in order to test out and review personally. (Disclaimer: We received samples of Cooler2See koozies. The fact these samples were provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.) As you can see from the mix of photos, we tested them quite a bit. Not only do they insulate and keep bottles and cans cold, the magnets are quite strong and the LED flashlight on the bottom is very bright. All in all, after putting the Cooler2See magnetic koozies through the ringer, we are going to deem them, “Tailgate Approved”.

Honestly, we enjoyed these can and bottle koozies so much, we decided they were worthy of being offered in our online tailgating gear store.

The Cooler2See comes in four colors; Red, Light Blue, Green and Purple. Cost of each Cooler2See is $14.95 and they all come with three (3) AAA batteries so they are ready to go right out of the box. Shipping varies based on the quantity you order.

To buy one or multiple Cooler2See magnetic koozies, visit the product page: Magnetic Koozie with LED Flashlight.

Hot-N-Tidy Transport Strap

Posted by Dave On July - 15 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Many tailgaters prepare meals right there in the parking lot but that doesn’t include everything served on the blacktop. A large majority of us will prepare hot dips, chili, casseroles, sauces, etc. and transport them in corning ware, stew pots or even crock pots. The age old problem is during transportation of these vessels they can tip or the lid will slide off during the drive. Getting a hot casserole dish with a lid to the car while it is still hot means you have to use pot holders or a towel to prevent getting burns on your hands. The folks who invented the Hot-N-Tidy have found a better way.

As you saw in their video, this strap is versatile in that you can carry your hot pots and dishes in one hand while preventing burns and keeping the lid securely in place, retaining the heat in the dish. The uses are readily apparent when it applies to tailgating but you can also use the Hot-N-Tidy for church pot lucks, the PTA luncheon, going on a picnic or any other social event you will want to bring hot, prepared food.

We had a chance to test out the Hot-N-Tidy for ourselves and we were quite impressed. We had a chance to test it out for two “non-tailgating” holidays including Father’s Day and July 4th. On July 4th, we traveled over an hour to visit family and we packed a piping hot Queso Dip to come along. We prepared it at home and then poured it into a serving dish with a lid. We attached the Hot-N-Tidy Transport Strap onto the dish, placed it in the trunk and drove for an hour. When we arrived at our destination, the dish was still hot and all we needed to do was pick it up with one hand which left the other hand free to ring the doorbell and even give handshakes and hugs as soon as we entered the house.

We also had the opportunity to use the Hot-N-Tidy while tailgating an Angels baseball game. The game was a 12:35 pm first pitch so we did a little morning tailgating prior to the game start. At home before leaving, we baked an egg, sausage, bacon, chorizo and cheese mixture in a casserole dish. Once cooked and we were ready to leave, we placed the Hot-N-Tidy Transport Strap on the dish and lid and placed it in the car. It arrived unscathed despite going over some speed bumps and it was still as hot as if it just came out of the oven.

After taking the Hot-N-Tidy to two family holidays and one baseball tailgate, we are going to label the Hot-N-Tidy “Tailgate Approved”. The fact that is solves problems we as tailgaters just thought were something we would have the put up with, gives it a big thumbs up in our book. The versatility of being able to to be used outside of just tailgating and can be used almost daily is also a huge bonus.

The Hot-N-Tidy comes in four different color patterns and is priced at $9.95 plus $6 shipping & handling. To learn more about the Hot-N-Tidy or to order one for your next tailgate, visit: www.hotntidy.com

Tailgate Giant Horizontal ad

Product Review: Johnsonville Steakhouse Onion Grillers

Posted by Brandon On July - 13 - 2015Comments Off on Product Review: Johnsonville Steakhouse Onion Grillers

Happy July Tailgaters! Just checking in with a product review of Johnsonville’s newest Grillers offering the Steakhouse Onion. If you’ve been following us for a while you’ll know that we’ve reviewed several of the Grillers products over the years.  If you haven’t seen those you can read them here and here.02

To review the Steakhouse Onion Grillers I strayed from the grilling method instead using a skillet indoors. They cooked up well, and the outside developed a nice crust. Be sure to follow the directions closely, especially if you’re starting from frozen. Any time you attempt to grill something from frozen you run the risk of overcooking the outside before the inside is done, and since these are uncooked ground meat products you really should take them to 160-165 degrees internal temp.

Before I tell you what I think of them I feel like I should take an opportunity to address something I feel is very important. The Grillers products are not beef hamburger patties. Outside of the shape they really bear no similarity to a beef hamburger. They have a different texture, and as well as a different taste. It’s because they are made from a different meat, and a different grind. Why am I telling you this? Because it is a noticeable difference, and for some I would bet that it would not suit their tastes. Only you can know for sure what your preference is, but if you have ever had a sausage pattie as part of a sandwich you will probably know which side you’ll end up on.  If you view other reviews of these products, even those on Johnsonville’s homepage, you’ll see comments from those who love these products, and those who do not.

That being said, I feel that this is the best offering of the Grillers line. That onion flavor is very much there, and it is very pleasing. The make up of the patties leads to a wonderfully juicy and satisfying bite. In fact for taste testing I had just the pattie and some spicy mustard on a bun, I was perfectly content with this.  To me they were very good, and for sure “Tailgating Approved.” Some of you probably won’t like them for reasons listed above, but hopefully with this review you’ll know whether you money is best spent on a pack of Johnsonville brats, or something from the Grillers line.

To find out more about Steakhouse Onion Grillers, or any Johnsonville product please visit their site at http://www.johnsonville.com/home.html.   Plus as of today you can sign up for the Johnsonville Enthusiast Club and get a pretty nice coupon to apply towards a package of Steakhouse Onion Grillers.

CoolerMate Insert

Posted by Dave On June - 25 - 2015Comments Off on CoolerMate Insert

Cooler Mate Insert Featured

Memorial Day is past. Father’s Day is done. The College World Series wrapped up last night. (Congratulations Virginia Cavaliers) Fourth of July is almost here. All these things mean that if you are not using your cooler to get outdoors and tailgate or the very least to the beach or the park, you need to get on that.

Summer is cooler season and with football just around the corner, we discovered a new way to keep your cooler cold, organized and dry instead of using loose ice like you probably have for years. It is an insert that you place inside your cooler called the CoolerMate Insert. Check out their video to see all the features and benefits of how to use the Cooler Mate Insert.

As you can see in the video, the Cooler Mate Insert is filled with either cubed ice and cold water or you can fill it full of water and freeze the contents into a solid block of ice. Instead of digging through the loose ice to find your brand of beverage, everything inside is visible and easily reached. Also, if you are removing something and will be putting it back in the cooler after use, like mustard or the hot sauce, the issue of digging a hole in the ice to replace that item is no longer there. You just replace the item in the spot where you removed it and close the cooler lid and get back to grilling or playing some tailgating games.

I am not going to lie. I was a little skeptical of using the CoolerMate Insert. I had been using coolers filled with loose ice for years and the concept of moving away from everything I had known for years was a bit scary. Would it keep my cooler items cold just as long as if each item was bathed in loose ice and water? Would things not placed on top of the CoolerMate get warm if they were not touching and making contact with it? All valid questions so we decided to put it to the test in a real tailgating environment. We took it tailgating with us prior to the Angels vs. Astros baseball game on June 24, 2015.

As you can see in the above photos, the cooler use used was a 60 quart Coleman cooler. We simply placed the CoolerMate Insert to one side and used the high side as a sort of divider. We placed the food on one side and the canned beverages on the other. The temperatures while tailgating were in the low 80’s and the game started at 12:35 pm.

While tailgating, we opened and closed the cooler numerous times getting drinks and food out during the normal course of tailgating. Each time we went into the cooler, items were still cold but they were easy to find. Also, putting things back was easy too. In the photo when the cooler is filled, you will see a cardboard carton of eggs. I was able to put that in there and keep them cold without the worry of putting the carton in a plastic bag to protect it from disintegrating from getting wet.

We started packing up and went into the game around noon and the cooler with the CoolerMate Insert inside went back in the car and sat for about three hours. You know the heat inside a car can be brutal but when we came out and returned to the car, we grabbed some drinks for the ride home. The drinks were still cold and the food items were still cold as well.

After thoroughly testing the CoolerMate Insert, it is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. Even though it took some getting used to the thought of all your food and drinks not physically touching a piece of ice, the CoolerMate Insert performed as promised. Food and drinks stayed cold and organized and most importantly, DRY. If you are a tailgater looking to have better organization of your cooler and keeping things dry and to easily replace frequently used items, I would highly suggest looking at a ColerMate Insert.

For more information or to buy a CoolerMate Insert for yourself, check out coolermateinsert.com




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